These Indigenous Tribes in Nevada Are Embracing Bikeshare

Biking on Indigenous territory can help combat chronic illness and connect youth to the land.
Tracey Lindeman
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Additive Manufacturing Is Transforming How Engineers Are Approaching Design

Uncovering geometric shapes and patterns that once seemed implausible, this new technology will radically change the look and feel of our vehicles.
Theo Gibson
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We Find Out How Renewable Energy Could Finally Overtake Fossil Fuels

Experts are banking on solar and hydrogen fuel as the future of green energy, but it might not be an easy ride.
Theo Gibson
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How Will Molecular Engineering Shape the Vehicles of Tomorrow?

We learn how programmable matter like replicated shark skin could make the future of air transportation safer.
Theo Gibson

Will Exoskeletons Give Us Superpowers?

All the strength of a body builder, with none of the body oil. We test out the latest bionic enhancements in the first episode of FLUX.
Theo Gibson
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Watch As These Exoskeletons Auto-Adjust To People’s Steps

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon created an algorithm that lets the exoskeleton evolve midstep.
Kaleigh Rogers

It's Time to Open Source Moving Vehicles

On Wednesday, Arthur Taylor presented OpenIVI Mobility, a platform for connecting vehicles.
Joseph Cox

America’s Biggest Carmaker Is Betting On a Future Without Car Ownership

General Motors is investing $500 million in ridesharing company and Uber competitor Lyft.
Jason Koebler

How South Korea Imagines the Future of Cars

Kia and Hyundai employees presented some out-there concepts at an R&D festival this month.
Davey Brett
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Richer, More Mobile Americans Prefer Shallower, More Plentiful Friendships

BFFs are for poor people who stay put, suggests a new study.
Austin Considine
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Federal Court to Disneyland: Segways Are the Future

I lived in Orange County as a kid, and as such I pretty much was brainwashed into loving all things Disneyland from an early age. I mean, the place is great: you've got all the rides, food, and fantasy you could possibly want, and the joint is always...
Derek Mead