mountain goats

A National Park Is Airlifting Hundreds of Mountain Goats That Have Gone Crazy for Human Pee

Mountain goats in Olympic National Park are obsessed with human urine and are now a public nuisance.
Sarah Emerson

The Plan to Build a Gold Mine on a Seismic Fault in Greece

“The problem is that we can never predict when an earthquake can strike.”
Sarah Souli

Yosemite National Park Used to Be 30 Percent Bigger

Since the early 1900s, one-third of Yosemite National Park has disappeared.
Sarah Emerson
The Building Blocks of Everything

Snail Shells Are Inspiring Tomorrow's Toughest Materials

Abalone shells combine the strength of glass with the toughness of plastic, and they've fascinated biologists and engineers for decades.
Stephen Buranyi

The Giant Toxic Hole Eating Peru's Highest City

The 'highest city in the world' is being swallowed by an appetite for metal.
Arthur Holland Michel

Mining the Bottom of the Ocean Is as Bad for the Environment as it Sounds

Marine biologists are warning of the threats the next frontier of mining poses to fragile ecosystems.
William Alexander
Motherboard Blog

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gold

The past, present, and future of the world's most famous mineral.
Mclean Gordon
Motherboard Blog

Gadgets Are Still Fueling the Rebellion in Congo

Over the past few days, Red Cross workers have been walking the streets of Goma on the eastern edge of the Democratic Republic of Congo, picking up civilian bodies and burying them where they could find space. They’ve counted 62 so far.
Adam Clark Estes
Motherboard Blog

Ones and Zeros: God Particles, GDP and Penile Length

_It looks like particle colliders are finding more and creating apocalyptic black holes less_ h3. One: "God Particle, Dark Matter, Secrets Of the Universe: CERN To Hold Major Press Conference Monday":http://www.newsbad.com/story/god-particle-dark...
Ones Zeros