russian hackers

The US Military Just Publicly Dumped Russian Government Malware Online

US Cyber Command, a part of the military tasked with hacking and cybersecurity operations, says it is releasing malware samples as an information sharing effort.
Joseph Cox
Nuclear Weapons

Pence Says Nukes in Space Is the ‘President’s Determination’

In a conversation with the Washington Post’s Robert Costa, Pence did not rule out the eventual storage or use of nuclear weapons in space, and said that the decision to bring nuclear weapons to space is up to President Trump.
Caroline Haskins

The Pentagon's Weapons Are 'Easily Hacked' With 'Basic Tools'

A new government report reveals that it took hackers just one hour to gain access to a weapon system, and the Pentagon didn't change the default password on "multiple" systems.
Matthew Gault

The Pentagon Wants to Put Radios on Rescuers' Teeth

The Molar Mic communicates sound by sending vibrations through the teeth and skull, enabling telepathy-like communication straight out of a video game.
Matthew Gault

Social Media Is a Weapon of War. How We Use It Is Up to Us

"'Win' the internet, [and] you can win silly feuds, elections, and deadly serious battles."
David Axe
hands on

New Drone 'Cockpits' Aim to Make Remote Warfare Feel More Real

Improved ergonomics alone can’t lift the moral burden on drone operators far removed from the battlefield, for whom life-or-death decisions are all in a day's work.
David Axe
by the way

While No One Is Looking, Trump Is Escalating America’s Drone War

In expanding US drone strikes in Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan, Trump has "shredded" Obama-era safeguards to minimizing the risk of civilian casualties.
David Axe
climate change

Rising Sea Levels Could Render 'Thousands' of Islands Uninhabitable Before 2065

A Pentagon-funded study found that thousands of islands could be uninhabitable by the middle of the century due to rising sea levels.
Daniel Oberhaus
early warning systems

Nukes in the Age of AI

A new report from the RAND Corporation explains how artificial intelligence might affect the risk of nuclear war.
Matthew Gault

YouTube's Scariest Genre Is Military Music Videos

The military-industrial complex knows how to rock.
Matthew Gault

Keyboards Are Rifles in This Absurd Video the Army Made to Promote its 'Cyber Ranger' Contest

It’s like those stock images of hacking in video form.
Matthew Gault

Experts to US Army: Beware Swarming Drones

It doesn't help that many of the weapons the Army could use to shoot down small drones—guns, missiles and lasers—cost far more than a quadcopter does
David Axe