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Al Jazeera Says It’s Under a Massive 'Cyber Attack'

The attacks on the Qatar-based media outlet came just days after reports that rival state-owned Qatar News Agency (QNA) was also hacked, sparking an international crisis.
Joseph Cox

People in the UAE Can Now Be Jailed for 15 Years for ‘Liking’ Qatar

In the wake of Saudi Arabia's row with Qatar, the United Arab Emirates is cracking down on social media dissent.
Farid Farid
Internet Insecurity

The Hack that Caused a Crisis in the Middle East Was Easy

How hackers compromised “the entire“ network of TV station Qatar News Agency.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Internet Insecurity

A TV Hack Appears to Have Sparked the Middle East's Diplomatic Crisis

Alleged hackers broke into a TV station to broadcast and tweet fake news, provoking a huge diplomatic incident.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Internet Insecurity

Egyptian Human Rights Activists Are Being Targeted in 'Dangerous' Hacking Campaign

Since last November, hackers have been relentlessly trying to break into the online accounts of dozens of Egyptian human rights and civil liberties activists.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

African Refugees Say They're Being Forced to Inhale Gasoline as a Sedative

Researchers are worried that doctors treating refugees might misdiagnose the resulting illness as pneumonia.
Daniel Oberhaus

America's Iconic Reaper Drone Has Stiff New Chinese Competition

The CH-5 is now all but ready to enter service with the Chinese military, as well as go up for sale on the international market.
Ben Sullivan

Egypt’s Military Got In a Fight Over Baby Formula This Week

The fight for affordable baby formula exposes the tension between the country’s struggling economy and military power.
Farid Farid

Dodging Stray Bullets in Lebanon With The World’s First Bulletproof Headscarf

As a way to avoid casualties in celebratory gunfire, Beirut designer Salim Kadi has made a keffiyeh from Kevlar, the same plastic material used for bulletproof vests.
Nadja Sayej

NASA and the UAE Just Signed a Space Agreement to Collaborate on Mars

“Every single nation can play a part in our journey to Mars."
Daniel Oberhaus
Silicon Divide

The Arabic News Site Empowering Women to Challenge Extremism

A new social news site “Akhbarek” is targeting young women to try to stir up a debate in the Arab world.
Hunter Stuart

Climate Change Is Killing Off a 5,000-Year-Old Iraqi Culture

The ancient Ma’dan culture is disappearing as the Fertile Crescent dries up, but it’s the women who are bearing the brunt of this change.
Daniel Oberhaus