mental health

On Edge

The Emotional Burden of Being Hacked

Hacking victims experience anxiety, stress and depression, and get very little support.
Nicole Kobie
screen time

Study of 500,000 Teens Suggests Association Between Excessive Screen Time and Depression

It's a bleak finding, but other research suggests adolescent hyper-connectedness isn't all bad.
Samantha Cole
mental health

Unselfish People Are More Likely to Wind Up With Depression

New research links elevated responses to unfairness to later appearance of depression markers.
Michael Byrne
Church of Ayahuasca

Veterans Are Turning to Ayahuasca for PTSD Relief

At Soul Quest, a psychedelic church in Orlando, I met war veterans looking for peace of mind.
Josh Adler

Hoarders Are Confronting Clutter in Virtual Reality

Researchers are using VR to surround diagnosed hoarders with clutter. I tried it out.
Jacob Dubé
have you noticed?

People with Depression Tend to Post Darker Instagrams

A new study analyzes posts to look for clues of mental illness.
Kaleigh Rogers
mental health

Google Searches About Suicide Increased After Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’

Many mental health experts worried the show glamorized suicide.
Kaleigh Rogers
mental health

What Exactly Is Psychosis Anyway?

Understanding one of the most misunderstood mental health conditions.
Michael Byrne
mental health

'Side Effects May Include': The Search for an Antidepressant That Works

It's hard to find the right medication for depression when doctors still don't understand the science behind it.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Truth About 'Blue Whale,' an Online Game That Tells Teens to Self Harm

Creepypasta​, media hysteria, and teenage suicide.
Giulia Trincardi
Mattia Salvia
Weed Week

Marijuana-Induced Anxiety Is Weed Culture's Bigfoot

Ever get the fear when you smoke up? Scientists are still trying to work out why.
Sarah Emerson
Golden Years

Seniors Are Fighting Aliens in a Video Game to Deal With Depression

Video Games could be a powerful treatment for depression in the future.
Katie Jensen