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'I’m Possibly Alive Because It Exists:' Why Sleep Apnea Patients Rely on a CPAP Machine Hacker

An Australian hacker has spent thousands of hours hacking the DRM that medical device manufacturers put on CPAP machines to create a free tool that lets patients modify their treatment.
Jason Koebler

Tiger Bones and Rhino Horns Are No Longer Banned for Medicine in China

A 25-year ban has been altered to allow the animal parts to be used in medical research and healing, despite the fact that both species are worse off now.
Kaleigh Rogers
Science Solved It

To Solve a Medical Mystery, This Doctor Drank Live Bacteria

Dr. Barry Marshall swallowed helicobacter pylori to prove it was the cause of a common ailment.
Kaleigh Rogers

The World's Smallest Computer Can Fit on the Tip of a Grain of Rice

The University of Michigan was salty that IBM made a smaller computer than it did, so it made an even smaller computer.
Kaleigh Rogers
hEALTH tech

These Plasma Patches Could Replace Antibiotics to Treat Chronic Wounds

The German company Coldplasmatech is using the weirdest state of matter to fight superbugs and accelerate healing.
Becky Ferreira
antibiotic resistance

Bacteria-Killing Viruses Found in a Pond Knocked Out an Antibiotic-Resistant Infection

Phage therapy isn’t a new idea, but it’s taken a while to gain traction in the US.
Kaleigh Rogers
tractor beams

Doctors Could Someday Use Tractor Beams to Get Those Tiny Floaters Out of Your Eyes

Scientists think tractor beams could be used in medicine in the near future.
Samantha Cole

New Method Evaluates Antibiotics Based on the Tiny Vibrations of Dying Microbes

The NIST-developed technique could greatly speed up the process of diagnosing infections.
Michael Byrne

A Wellness Blogger Who Lied About Having Cancer Has Been Fined $322,000

Belle Gibson admitted in 2015 that it was all bull.
Kaleigh Rogers

This Tattoo Can Monitor Your Heart Rate and Brain Waves

A graphene sensor could eventually replace dozens of cumbersome medical devices.
Anni Irish

Nanoengineers Made Antibiotic-Carrying Micromotors to Treat Infections

The vehicles react with acid to make microbubbles that propel them around the infection site.
Ankita Rao
looking under rocks

Slug Mucus Is So Sticky, It Inspired a New Kind of Surgical Glue

These super strong medical adhesives can be used to patch tissue defects or help wounds heal.
Kaleigh Rogers