European Copyright

Europe Is Moving Closer to Forcing Google to Pay for News Summaries

But critics say the copyright changes will kill memes.
Ben Sullivan
Out Of This World

Citizens of Space ‘Nation’ Asgardia Are Already Violating Earthly Laws

The organization plans to launch a data-filled satellite later this year. Already, some of its 'citizens' are uploading copyrighted files to the satellite's website.
Mark Harris
hack the planet

Al Jazeera Says It’s Under a Massive 'Cyber Attack'

The attacks on the Qatar-based media outlet came just days after reports that rival state-owned Qatar News Agency (QNA) was also hacked, sparking an international crisis.
Joseph Cox
"Upload Knights"

How Terrorists Slip Beheading Videos Past YouTube’s Censors

Other jihadi propaganda on the video-sharing platform may be visually more low-key, but are just as insidious in their own ways.
Rita Katz
How to spot a fake

Why Millions of Brits Won't See Facebook's Tips to Fight Fake News

By only running in broadsheets, the advert is missing wide swaths of the population.
Ben Sullivan
Just ask Pluto

Bill Nye Didn't 'Censor' Gender Science, He Updated it Because That's How Science Works

Science evolves. We used to think the Earth was flat, remember?
Kaleigh Rogers
Public Investigations

Bellingcat Wants Your Help to Debunk Fake News

The citizen journalism network has launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand its open source investigation platform.
Ben Sullivan
Time Is a Flat TV

The Secret History of a Fleeting Pre-Internet Digital Media Channel

As the history of digital media has become subsumed by the history of the internet, teletext remains largely forgotten. Yet like a fair-weather psychic, the technology anticipated things to come.
Cecilia D’Anastasio
Page Turners

A $2.5 Million Book Heist Proves the Printed Page Is Still Sacred

160 reasons why we cherish antiquarian tomes.
Ben Sullivan
Motherboard Guide to Cinema

‘The Running Man’ Is the Perfect Dystopian Movie For Trump’s Inauguration

It's the 30th anniversary of the cheesy 80s Schwarzenegger dystopian action flick, but it's never felt more timely.
Daniel Oberhaus
Donald Trump

UK Asks Journalists to Not Name Ex-Agent Allegedly Behind Trump Report

The UK government issued what is known as a D-notice, but plenty of outlets aren’t taking the advice.
Joseph Cox

We Need to Teach Kids How to Be Skeptical of the Internet

According to a year-long study from Stanford researchers, the inability of young students to tell “fake news” from real news is alternately “dismaying,” “bleak,” and a “threat to democracy.”
Rick Paulas