Scientist Is 'Furious' the Media Misrepresented Her Research to Promote Drinking Teen Blood

Don’t go full vampire just yet.
Kaleigh Rogers

Sinclair’s Immigration Propaganda Foreshadows the Perils of Media Merger Mania

Sinclair continues to take heat for aggressively-misleading local “news” broadcasts as it pursues its $4 billion merger with Tribune—and a total domination of local media.
Karl Bode

FCC Boss Ajit Pai’s Own Agency Is Investigating Him For Potential Corruption

The FCC’s Inspector General has launched an investigation into whether Pai acted inappropriately as he rushed to dismantle media consolidation rules.
Karl Bode
net neutrality

Canada’s Telecoms and National Media Want the Government to Block Piracy Websites

Digital rights groups worry that website blocking could cover more than illegal piracy.
Jordan Pearson
The Social Network

Facebook Is Deprioritizing Our Stories. Good.

A society that relies on a centralized portal to get its news may very well be doomed.
Jason Koebler

Historians Are Calling Out Trump Online Whenever He Misreads the Past

Engaging with new media is no longer a dalliance for the history profession in the misinformation age.
Daniel Crown
Cut The Cord

Big TV Is Trying to Use Lawsuits to Crush Pirated Streaming on Kodi Boxes

New lawsuits lobbed at third-party libraries of apps for the software are really stretching the definition of piracy.
Kaleigh Rogers
straight white male leads are so 2016

Want More Diverse Entertainment? A New Site Has You Covered

Li Lai wanted a resource to suss out media, but it didn’t exist. So she made it.
Kaleigh Rogers
read the study

Sorry, Scientists Did Not Invent an ‘Exercise Pill’

Send this to your friends who posted this nonsense on their timelines.
Kaleigh Rogers

Liberals and Conservatives Attack TV Merger That Would Let Pro-Trump Media Dominate Local News

"This is not the Soviet Union: Americans deserve a meaningful choice in their local news," a lawmaker said of the proposed Sinclair-Tribune merger.
Sam Gustin
mental health

Google Searches About Suicide Increased After Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’

Many mental health experts worried the show glamorized suicide.
Kaleigh Rogers
Sound Decisions

A Team of Volunteers Is Archiving SoundCloud in Case It Dies

Spurred by recent reports the German streaming music and audio company may be running out of cash, The Archive Team is racing to preserve sound files—at high cost.
Carl Franzen