climate change

We Need to Completely Change Agriculture to Adapt to Climate Change

According to a new study, we’re growing too many grains, fats, and sugars and not enough fruits, vegetables, and protein.
Caroline Haskins
climate change

Experts Want to Label Foods That Are Environmentally Unfriendly

Denmark has been toying with the idea of an environmental impact label on food products for years, and in the wake of the latest UN climate change report, the idea is getting renewed attention.
Kaleigh Rogers
clean meat

Tofurkey Is Suing Missouri for the Right to Call Veggie Dogs 'Meat'

A new state law prohibits labeling any product as ‘meat’ unless it comes from an animal.
Kaleigh Rogers
Science Solved It

The Mystery of the Kentucky 'Meat Shower'

A “meat shower” is exactly what it sounds like, but it turns out there’s a pretty simple, likely explanation for what caused it.
Kaleigh Rogers

Most of the Mammals On Earth Are Cows Because We're Addicted to Meat

A new study of all the biomass on the planet found that 60 percent of all mammals are livestock.
Kaleigh Rogers
Meat and Greet

Inside the World of the 'Bitcoin Carnivores'

Why a small community of Bitcoin users is eating meat exclusively.
Jordan Pearson

‘Snowpiercer’ Director’s New Movie ‘Okja' Is an Anti-Corporate Mindfuck

The new film from Bong Joon Ho is a critique of ethical capitalism wrapped in a heartwarming animal adventure story. But it's not coming to theaters: it premieres on Netflix June 28.
Carl Franzen

Our Ancestors Engaged in Cannibalism for Fun and Profit, Not Just for Calories

Human flesh isn’t as nutritious as mammoth meat. But our ancestors occasionally ate each other anyway.
Bryson Masse
I mean, like, besides me

Nobody's Gonna Eat Lab-Grown Meat Just Because It's Better for the Planet

In vitro meat manufacturers have to bring something else to the table.
Kaleigh Rogers

Meet the Meat-Free Burger That’s Winning Bros Over

Impossible Foods wants to win over the meat-eaters of the world, and keep them coming back.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Alt-Right’s Favorite Diet

John Durant, author of The Paleo Manifesto and a controversial presence on Twitter, talks about the meat-heavy diet and right-wing politics.
Oliver Lee Bateman

How Long Until We Can Grow Thanksgiving Turkeys in a Lab?

Meatballs and hamburgers have already passed the first hurdle, surely our holiday meals can’t be far behind.
Kaleigh Rogers