When the Drugs Hit

Researchers Gave Octopuses MDMA in the Name of Science

The human and octopus lineages split 500 million years ago, but apparently we both retained the gene for partying.
Daniel Oberhaus
When the Drugs Hit

LSD and DMT Caused the Brain to Form New Connections in Flies and Rats

The effects of psychedelic drugs on neurite density is a promising sign that they may be useful in treating depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Daniel Oberhaus
break on through

Scientists Want the FDA to Designate MDMA a 'Breakthrough Therapy' for PTSD

A new study found ecstasy and psychotherapy “significantly decreased” symptoms of PTSD in veterans and first responders.
Matthew Gault
When the Drugs Hit

Stop Policing Psychedelic Science

Researchers make the case for a new, psychedelics-only controlled substance category.
Daniel Oberhaus
When the Drugs Hit

America's Trippiest Chemist: Making Psychedelics 'Was Fun'

For over 40 years, Dave Nichols had government license to make Schedule 1 drugs like LSD and DMT for research.
Daniel Oberhaus
Reality Doses

When the Drugs Hit

A Motherboard journey into the science, politics, and culture of today’s psychedelic renaissance.
Daniel Oberhaus
Brian Anderson
Don't Eat the Brown Acid

The Long, Hard Road to a Science of Bad Drug Trips

If we’re going to use psychedelics for therapy, we’re going to have to figure out the proverbial bad trip.
Daniel Oberhaus

Here's Sobering Info On Bad Shroom Trips Amidst the Psychedelic Renaissance

Psilocybin, the chemical in magic mushrooms, could be a powerful treatment, but sometimes things get ugly.
Madison Margolin
mental health

The Government Gets One Step Closer to Approving MDMA to Treat PTSD

The third phase of the clinical trial will include 230 patients.
Madison Margolin

How Psychedelic Drugs Could Help Treat Addiction

Several studies are exploring whether drugs such as magic mushrooms could treat addiction to everything from cigarettes to cocaine.
Stephen Buranyi

Real-Life ‘Love Potions’ Are Coming, But Are they Ethical?

In the future, our relationships will be neuro-enhanced.
Erene Stergiopoulos

More People Than Ever Say They Get Their Drugs on the Dark Web

Findings from the 2016 Global Drug Survey suggest FBI takedowns and exit scams aren't deterring dark web buyers.
Joseph Cox