A Mathematician May Have Just Solved a 160-Year-Old, $1 Million Problem

This isn’t the first time Michael Atiyah has claimed to crack a big math problem and never followed up the claims with publication, however.
Daniel Oberhaus

Researchers Discover a Pattern to the Seemingly Random Distribution of Prime Numbers

The pattern has a surprising similarity to the one seen in atom distribution in crystals.
Liv Boeree
noodle physics

Finally, We Know How to Break Dry Spaghetti Noodles Perfectly In Half

A bend and a twist make dry noodles break in half, instead of shattering all over the kitchen.
Samantha Cole

After 'Flawed' MIT Paper, Uber Drivers Can't Agree On How Poorly They're Paid

Uber CEO said MIT was 'mathematically incompetent' for saying drivers earn a net $3.37 an hour.
Tracey Lindeman
Artificial Intelligence

Million Dollar Computer Chess Problem Will Take 'Thousands of Years' to Solve

4,426,165,368 possible queen positions.
Claire Downs

Mathematicians Race to Debunk German Man Who Claimed to Solve One of the Most Important Computer Science Questions of Our Time

Norbert Blum's solve for the infamous 'P vs NP' problem "passes many filters of seriousness," but does it hold up?
Daniel Mützel
computer science

200 Terabyte Proof Demonstrates the Potential of Brute-Force Math

Automated verification finds renewed potential for making algorithms safe.
Michael Byrne
go ahead, judge me

I Pulled 30 Years of Weather Data to Calculate the Perfect Wedding Date

I am insufferable.
Kaleigh Rogers
The Math That Explains the World

The 'Complex Systems Theorist' Who Predicted the Arab Spring

Using big data and new number-crunching strategies, math can be used to predict global crises.
Jason Koebler
The Math That Explains the World

The World Is Too Complicated for Donald Trump to Be President, Theoretical Physics Suggests

An emerging branch of complex systems mathematics suggests in cold, analytical terms that Donald Trump is not smart enough to be president.
Jason Koebler
quantum cryptography

How Cryptographers Will ‘Fight Quantum With Quantum’

Government agencies still want to restrict or control research into cryptographic security
Joshua Holden

Americans Could Eat Every American in Less Than Two Decades

This assumes we eat about as much meat as we do now, which is a big assumption when we're talking eating everyone!
Derek Mead