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Apple's New Proprietary Software Locks Will Kill Independent Repair on New MacBook Pros

Failure to run Apple's proprietary diagnostic software after a repair "will result in an inoperative system and an incomplete repair."
Jason Koebler
thermal throttling

Thinner and Lighter Laptops Have Screwed Us All

The pursuit of thinner, lighter laptops, a trend driven by Apple, means we have screwed ourselves out of performance.
Owen Williams

Apple's New i9 MacBook Pro Runs so Hot It Has to Slow Down

Users are reporting that the new 15-inch MacBook Pro is throttling speeds because of heat issues.
Matthew Gault

The Keyboard Is the Only Thing That Matters About the New MacBook Pros

For two years, Apple sold laptops with keyboards that were felled by dust. Is the new one going to fix that problem?
Jason Koebler
What Is the iPhone?

Is Apple Cool? 11 Teens Weigh In

11 NYC teens are disillusioned with Apple, but they still buy its products.
Emma Griffith

This Is the Most Annoying Macbook Touch Bar App Ever Created

It's also kind of genius: an emoji sound board stuffed with pop-culture effects, from 'Law & Order', 'X-Files', 'Metal Gear Solid', and more.
Samantha Cole
short circuit

Why Some Apple Fans Are Considering a Hackintosh

A powerful non-Apple laptop running macOS could be the ultimate personal computer.
Ben Sullivan
short circuit

Apple’s New Touch Bar May Present Usability Challenges For Blind Users

The TouchBar in the new MacBook Pro may be flashy, but is it any more usable than traditional function keys for the vision impaired?
Yael Grauer

This Parody of the New MacBook Pro Is a Little Too Real

"Need a MacBook Pro? Like pro pro? Like needs an adaptor for everything pro?"
Madison Margolin

The New MacBook Pros Mark the End of Upgradeable Apple Computers

All Apple laptops are now un-upgradeable and are therefore disposable.
Jason Koebler
short circuit

The New Macbook Pro Has a Touchscreen Keyboard, Whether You Like It or Not

You wanted a new MacBook Pro? You got one.
Nicholas Deleon
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The 2012 Non-Retina MacBook Pro Is Still the Best Laptop Apple Sells

It’s heavy, thick, and totally upgradable and customizable.
Jason Koebler