Los Angeles

Hole Patrol

Community Activists Kill Elon Musk's Plan for an Underground Freeway Tunnel in LA

Elon Musk tried to bypass a full environmental review for his test tunnel, but community groups sued and won.
Daniel Oberhaus
woolsey fire

California’s Woolsey Fire Burns Near Site of Nuclear Meltdown, Sparking Panic

The owner of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Boeing, says the wildfire may have started “on or near” the contaminated Los Angeles facility.
Sarah Emerson

The US Energy Grid Is Making Electric Cars Dirtier Than They Should Be

Electric cars still run on coal, gas, and nuclear power.
Tracey Lindeman
future of flight

Uber Asked LA Mayor to Vouch for the Safety of its Still-Hypothetical Flying Taxis

A confidential FAQ that Uber sent Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti contains unprovable claims about its eVTOL technology.
Sarah Emerson
To Elon, From Eric

Emails Show Los Angeles Mayor’s Office Asked Elon Musk for a Driverless Car Program

So whatever happened?
Sarah Emerson
Los Angeles

It's Official: Elon Musk Will Start Digging a Tunnel Under Los Angeles

Following meeting with President Trump.
Ben Sullivan
Los Angeles

I Rode In a Tesloop, But I’m Glad We Still Had a Driver

It's a cross between a bus, Uber and Tesla.
Shawna Kenney
Los Angeles

The Man Behind LA’s Griffith Observatory Thought the Pope Was Trying to Kill Him

Much ado about the Pope, an attempted murder, and an observatory in a city where there are no stars.
Daniel Oberhaus
Los Angeles

NASA and FEMA Practiced Emergency Operations for an Asteroid Impact

Totally no need to worry or anything though.
Daniel Oberhaus

AT&T’s DirecTV ‘Corrupted’ LA Dodgers TV Talks, DOJ Alleges in Lawsuit

The DOJ says the satellite giant colluded with rivals in violation of federal antitrust law.
Sam Gustin

How Big Can Los Angeles Get?

Four million and counting.
Keith Wagstaff
Los Angeles

Greetings from the Taxibot Future of Los Angeles

In this postcard from the future, Eric Spiegelman, the president of the Los Angeles Taxi Commission, envisions how automated taxicabs will fundamentally reshape the city he loves.
Eric Spiegelman