Illegal Weed Can Be Worse for Forests than Logging

Though logging has a greater overall impact, growing pot can be even more destructive on a per-unit-area basis, according to a recent study.
Kaleigh Rogers
Outer Limits

Bugs Are the Worst Part of Going Outside and Climate Change Is Making It Worse

Bug spray will soon be as ubiquitous as sunscreen. Long sleeves in hot weather will lose their dorky reputation.
Rosemary Westwood
genetic sequencing

One of Earth's Largest Living Organisms Is About to Have Its Genome Sequenced

Scientists will sequence the genomes of the coast redwood and giant sequoia.
Kate Lunau
Praying for Rain

Trump’s Pick for Ag Secretary Is Already Facing Criticism from Conservationists

As agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue would also oversee 193 million acres of national forests.
Kaleigh Rogers

How Romania Is Using Satellites to Stop Loggers Leveling Its Fairytale Forests

The new system allows the public, journalists, and businesses to track the entire system and easily identify illegal activity.
Kaleigh Rogers

How Mushrooms Could Help Replenish Forests After Clearcut Logging

Mycologists on Cortes Island are making the case to end the practice of slash burning in B.C. forestry.
Daniel J. Pierce

Yosemite National Park Used to Be 30 Percent Bigger

Since the early 1900s, one-third of Yosemite National Park has disappeared.
Sarah Emerson

​​How Native Brazilians Are Using Spy Tech to Stop Illegal Logging in the Amazon

We camped with the Ka'apor for a few days to get to know what it's like to live in a scenario of violence, threats, and death.
Débora Lopes

Deforestation Could Be Worse for Carbon Emissions Than We've Calculated

When forests are selectively logged, the dead trees left behind don't just stop producing oxygen; they emit carbon.
Emiko Jozuka
Motherboard Blog

The Scale of Environmental Crime Has Reached Staggering Proportions

Poaching is just one of the black markets worth tens of billions of dollars.
Mat McDermott
Motherboard Blog

Organized Crime Is Fueling a Boom in Illegal Logging Worldwide

In many tropical countries, those that are home to some of the world’s most important forests, up to 90 percent of logging is illegal, fueled by a black market that’s increasingly mob-run. That’s according to a new U.N. report (PDF) that states that...
Derek Mead