Big Oil Defeats a Carbon Fee By Arguing It Doesn't Go Far Enough

It would have been the first carbon fee enacted in the US. Oil lobbyists fought it by making a novel, hypocritical argument, and it worked.
Caroline Haskins
Digital Politics

How Facebook and Google Win By Embedding in Political Campaigns

A new report from the Campaign for Accountability details the questionable role of internet platforms in election races.
Sarah Emerson

Telecom Lobbyists Have Stalled 70 State-Level Bills That Would Protect Consumer Privacy

In 2018 alone, the telecom lobby has killed or stalled a whole host of legislation that would prevent ISPs from selling your data.
Michael Gaynor
sex work

'They Think They Have a PhD in Whoreology:' How Lobbying for Sex Worker Rights Helps Educate Us All

Sex worker and activist Phoenix Calida on how talking to politicians about her rights on Capitol Hill was a little scary, but well worth it.
Phoenix Calida
sex work

As a Trafficking Survivor, Lobbying for Sex Worker Rights Gave Me Hope

Queer sex worker and trafficking survivor Laura LeMoon on the power of coming together, even when the odds are against you.
Laura LeMoon
sex work

What it Was Like to Lobby on Capitol Hill as a Sex Worker

Activist, cam model and queer pornographer Anna Moone writes about her experiences lobbying for sex workers' rights in Washington, DC.
Anna Moone
Internet Insecurity

Telecom Lobbyists Downplayed ‘Theoretical’ Security Flaws in Mobile Data Backbone

According to a confidential document obtained by Motherboard, wireless communications lobby group CTIA took issue with an in-depth report by the Department of Homeland Security on mobile device security, including flaws with the SS7 network.
Joseph Cox
Fair Repair

Big Tech Companies Are on the Verge of Killing Right to Repair Legislation in Minnesota

Lawmakers choose the interests of megacorporations over the interests of their constituents.
Jason Koebler
Fight to Repair

Apple Tells Lawmaker that Right to Repair iPhones Will Turn Nebraska Into a ‘Mecca’ for Hackers

Inside Apple's absurd lobbying strategy.
Jason Koebler
Fix Your Stuff

Source: Apple Will Fight 'Right to Repair' Legislation

Apple representatives plan to tell Nebraska lawmakers that repairing your phone is dangerous.
Jason Koebler

Uber CEO and Pittsburgh Mayor Discussed Reducing State Fines, Emails Reveal

Travis Kalanick and Pittsburgh's mayor have a chummy relationship, emails obtained using Pennsylvania's Right to Know Act show.
Jason Koebler
short circuit

Big Telecom Wants a DC Circuit Net Neutrality Review. Here’s Why That’s Unlikely

The broadband industry is not taking its recent net neutrality defeat lying down.
Sam Gustin