Nintendo Sues Californian for Selling Modded NES Classic and Switch Hacks

This week Nintendo filed a lawsuit against Mikel Euskaldunak, who allegedly offered tools to help people run pirated games on their Nintendo Switch, as well as sold NES Classic consoles preloaded with more games.
Joseph Cox

These Lawyers Want to Sue Bethesda Over 'Fallout 76' Refunds

Migliaccio & Rathod is talking to angry customers and preparing a class action lawsuit against Bethesda.
Matthew Gault
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This Guy Is Suing Adobe for a Bug That Deleted Years of His Work

Freelancer Dave Cooper alleges a bug in Premiere Pro wiped out an uncountable amount of video and photography work.
Matthew Gault
climate change

New York Sues ExxonMobil for Allegedly Defrauding Investors About Climate Change

NY AG Barbara Underwood said the oil and gas company’s leadership, including former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, knew about this pattern of fraud for several years.
Becky Ferreira
elon musk

The SEC’s Lawsuit Against Elon Musk Explains the Weed Number

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the Tesla CEO with fraud.
Sarah Emerson
endangered species

Yellowstone’s Grizzly Bears Reinstated as Endangered Species, Judge Rules

A judge has overturned a controversial decision by the Trump administration to remove federal protections from Yellowstone’s iconic grizzly bears.
Sarah Emerson
Elon Musk Lawsuit

Cave Diver Sues Elon Musk For Calling Him a ‘Pedo’ Before a ‘Worldwide Audience’

Diver and explorer Vernon Unsworth filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk on Monday, seeking $75,000 for reputational damage.
Sarah Emerson
Port Out Scam

Bitcoin Investor Sues AT&T After Losing $23 Million In SIM Swap Hack

An investor is asking AT&T to pay $220 million in damages in the first-ever lawsuit that attempts to hold carriers accountable for port out scams.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Big Oil Lawsuit

Federal Judge Says Courts Can't Hold Oil Companies Responsible for Destroying the Planet

US District Judge William Alsup called the courts an inappropriate venue for dealing with the issue of climate change.
Sarah Emerson
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Buzz Aldrin is Suing Two of His Own Kids Over Millions of Dollars in Space Memorabilia

In addition to allegations of fraud, the lawsuit also claims Aldrin's son and daughter prevented him from getting married.
Daniel Oberhaus
Tesla Lawsuit

Tesla Alleges an Employee Stole Gigabytes of Trade Secrets

The company has filed a lawsuit against former employee Martin Tripp for allegedly hacking confidential information and sending it to unidentified sources.
Sarah Emerson
Lunar Wares

A Woman Is Suing NASA Over a Vial of Moon Dust From Neil Armstrong

The case is the latest of many contentious battles between NASA and private citizens over ownership of lunar material.
Becky Ferreira