climate change

Environmental Laws Won’t Fix Climate Change Unless We Enforce Them, New UN Report Says

UN Environment investigated environmental protection laws around the world from 1972 through 2017 and found the biggest challenge is a failure to properly enforce the laws.
Kaleigh Rogers

California Is Making It Illegal for Devices to Have Shitty Default Passwords

The law only applies to passwords that come pre-programmed into devices, but it’s still a step in the right direction.
Kaleigh Rogers
net neutrality

Net Neutrality Is Officially Repealed

But the effort to restore the rules continue at both the state and federal level.
Kaleigh Rogers
net neutrality

Washington State Is Now the Only Place in America with Net Neutrality

The state law only went into effect once the federal rules were officially repealed on Monday.
Kaleigh Rogers
net neutrality

The FCC’s Biggest Net Neutrality Champion Says She Can Achieve More by Leaving the Agency

Mignon Clyburn says watching net neutrality get repealed was ‘incredibly painful.’
Kaleigh Rogers
net neutrality

Which States Have Net Neutrality Laws?

The varied reaction to the FCC’s decision to repeal federal protections has been tough to follow. Here’s our breakdown of the current status of each state’s response.
Kaleigh Rogers
Wait, What?

Under Trumpcare, Having a High Fever Once Is a Pre-Existing Condition

There are horror stories of all kinds of crazy things being deemed “pre-existing conditions” before the Affordable Care Act.
Kaleigh Rogers
Ag Gag and then some

Arkansas Bill Would Let Businesses Sue Whistleblowers

The state's Senate is considering the bill and is expected to vote on it this week.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots Makes Incremental Progress at the UN

It overcame resistance from Russia at the last minute, starting a diplomatic process that could lead to a ban.
David Rogers

The FBI Is Questioning Indiana's Sketchy New Vaping Law

The law has drawn suspicious from the industry for its strict security requirements.
Kaleigh Rogers

Taking This Photo Would Be Illegal in Utah

Ag gag laws make it illegal to go undercover in factory farms, like the Humane Society did at this egg farm in Maine.
Kaleigh Rogers

Why the Chinese Market For Commercially Bred Tiger Parts May Only Get Bigger

The demand for products like tiger bone wine and pickled bear claws is fuelling a horrific—and likely soon-to-be legal—industry.
Melissa Cronin