cow burps

Scientists Use ‘Breathalyzers’ and Lasers to Measure Cow Burps and Farts

Oklahoma cows belch out about a half-pound of methane daily.
Becky Ferreira
space lasers

Aliens Might Notice Us if We Shot a Giant Laser at Them, Study Says

Two emerging technologies could be combined to produce a powerful infrared signal that could be spotted from distant planets, according to research in The Astrophysical Journal.
Becky Ferreira

Scientists Want to Punch Holes in Clouds With Ultra-Hot Lasers from Space

The satellite laser communication revolution is just around the corner, but it has one especially obstinate foe—overcast weather.
Becky Ferreira

Watch the Trippy Winners of a Microscopic Film Contest

Nikon's Small World in Motion honors the best movie or time-lapse photography taken through a microscope.
Kaleigh Rogers

Watch 100,000 Volts of Electricity Course Through a Circuit Board in Slow Motion

Electricity always follows the past of least resistance, and that can make for some dangerously beautiful effects.
Matthew Gault

The Chemist Whose DIY Lasers Are Too Dangerous for YouTube

The YouTuber 'Styropyro' recycles tech to turn old parts into lightsabers and laser bazookas.
Matthew Gault
major laser

The US Navy Bought Its First Big Laser Cannon

New, drone-frying weapon could go to sea in 2020.
David Axe
quantum computer

Physicists Made an Unprecedented 53 Qubit Quantum Simulator

These special quantum computers are able to model physical interactions that are too complex for conventional supercomputers.
Daniel Oberhaus
RIP Roger Moore

Let’s Remember Roger Moore With This Absurd ‘Moonraker’ Space Laser Battle

The beloved actor died on Tuesday at 89, but his sense of comic absurdity lives on.
Becky Ferreira
Drone Pwn

Watch Hackers Use a Drone-Mounted Laser to Control Malware Through a Scanner

Researchers in Israel have shown off a novel technique that would allow attackers to wirelessly command devices using a laser light, bypassing so-called air gaps.
Kim Zetter

The Story of Science Faction, the Company That Brought Lasers to Rock and Roll

Science Faction's Richard Sandhaus spent his twenties installing laser projections all over the world. He blew a lot of minds along the way.
Ernie Smith
Major Lazer

Scientists Are Trying to Detect Enriched Uranium From Miles Away With Friggin' Lasers

It one day could be attached to a drone and used to discover covert uranium enrichment facilities.
Daniel Oberhaus