Microsoft Employees Support Chinese Developers Fighting for Fair Labor Practices

Thirty employees at Microsoft and GitHub stood in solidarity with the Chinese tech labor protest 996.ICU.
Sarah Emerson
2 days ago

Chinese Workers Are Trying to Bake Fair Labor Practices Into Software

The 996.ICU movement has largely organized on GitHub, and has produced a software license aimed at forcing companies to treat workers fairly if they use open source software.
Matthew Gault
beef alert

Amazon Is Beefing With Bernie Sanders Over Its Treatment of Employees

The company’s response conveniently left out any mention of temp workers, which makes up 40 percent of the US workforce.
Kaleigh Rogers
Right to Disconnect

This Politician Wants New Yorkers to Have the 'Right to Disconnect'

New York councilman Rafael Espinal introduced a new bill yesterday to stop after work emails and texts.
Ankita Rao
to arms

A Viral Slingshot Channel Started a YouTuber's Union

With almost 10,000 'members' behind him, Jörg Sprave wants to show Google that YouTubers have the power to negotiate better working conditions.
Emanuel Maiberg

The Plan to Build a Gold Mine on a Seismic Fault in Greece

“The problem is that we can never predict when an earthquake can strike.”
Sarah Souli

A Brief History of 'NSFW'

And how arguably the internet’s most influential acronym is changing.
Jessica Brown
I am scared

What This Terrifying, Crab-Butchering Robot Can Teach Us About Automation

Robots aren't always the solution to a labour crisis.
Jordan Pearson
What Is the iPhone?

Ethical Smartphone Startup Fairphone Wants Apple to Steal Its Idea

In many ways, Fairphone is more of an advocacy group than a tech company.
Kaleigh Rogers
labor rights

This Company Built AI to Detect Modern Slavery

Can machine learning stop forced labor?
Ankita Rao

The Video Game Voice Actor Strike Claims a Beloved Character's Voice

Ashly Burch will not be able to reprise her role as Chloe in 'Life Is Strange: Before the Storm.'
Emanuel Maiberg
garment bots

The Case for Letting Robots Make Our Clothes

I visited the garment factory workers who could lose their jobs to automation. But could robots also change their lives?
Ankita Rao