Inside the Dark Matter Lab Buried Over a Mile Underground

Motherboard visits SNOLAB, where scientists are searching for dark matter, supernovas, and neutrinos inside an active mine.

Watch These Ugly-Cute Naked Mole-Rats Party in the Lab

These cancer-resistant rodents may hold the key to human longevity, but that doesn’t mean they can’t kick back once in a while.
Becky Ferreira
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Drugged Rats Playing Slot Machines Offer a New Clue into Problem Gambling

Could an anti-gambling drug be the way to save the world's worst gamblers?
Daniel Stuckey
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Mice Can Now Be Cloned from Tiny Drops of Blood

Breakthrough could speed up drug testing, or lead to massive mice revolt.
Jason Koebler
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A Pig Named TJ Tabasco May Have Solved Our Organ Crisis

When we think of great scientific advancement, we usually call up a stock-image montage of great discoverers like Archimedes, Galileo, or Marie Curie, of Isaac Newton contemplating the laws of gravity, of Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine, and NASA sending a...
Kerri Connolly
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Crowdfund a Meth Lab for Science

It’s like Breaking Bad, except instead of one chemist, one flunky, and one mean old hitman, this drug experiment will be handled by a trio of scientists hailing from some of the country’s top universities.
Greg Thomas
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Toxo Terror: Are Our Brains Controlled by Cat-Loving Parasites?

Teeming within your body alone are trillions of microorganisms—bacteria, fungi, viruses, protists—that make up 90 percent of all the cells in your body. You are more them, than you are you. In fact, there’s not really a you.
Greg Boustead
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Be Thankful for Thanksgiving Because in the Future It Is Going to Suck

Excuse me while I brush aside Christmas decorations, football and Black Friday for a moment. What Thanksgiving is really about is remembering just how lucky we are to be able to fill a table with food and spread our family and friends around it. It's...
Derek Mead
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Heads Up, Hoverboarders: Here Comes Quantum Levitation

Few motifs of science fiction cinema have been more appealing to us than the subtle defiance of gravity offered by futuristic hovercraft.
Janus Kopfstein
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Is a Full Face Transplant a Risk Worth Facing?

Facial transplants aren't just for the movies. Last week Dallas Wiens, 25, who had lost his face in an electrocution incident, received a new one, thanks to an anonymous donor and a team of 30 doctors at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital. The...
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Remote Controlled Worms Are Just The Beginning

Scientists at the University of Buffalo have found a way to induce behavior in worms remotely.
Michael Byrne