‘Star Citizen’ Court Documents Reveal the Messy Reality of Crowdfunding a $200 Million Game

An early backer of the controversial space game wanted his money back, so he took it to small claims court, and lost.
Matthew Gault
Card games

Da Share Z0ne’s Admin Wants You to Know They Have an IQ of 208

Speaking to Admin, Dril, and other Twitter weirdos about the new Da Share Z0ne game “The Devil’s Level” and the person behind the bones.
Rachel Pick
Daily Dystopia

Dystopia Alert: Floating Cameras for Your House

Companies keep suggesting we should put floating cameras that track us in our homes.
Samantha Cole
kicked out

‘The Worst Kickstarter Movie Campaign in History’ Finally Got Made

"Kate Allen Is Getting a Life" is exactly what we thought it would be.
Ankita Rao

This DIY, Light-Up Wooden Watch Was Made as a Delightfully Over-the-Top Gift

The "Word Watch" features 3D-carved letters, LED lights, and comes in multiple languages.
Claire Downs
Kids These Days

This Programmable LED Fidget Spinner Sends Secret Messages

The wildly popular toy gets a tech upgrade.
Samantha Cole

One Man's Quest to Sell 1,000 Raccoon Penis Bones

If he fails, he’s boned.
Samantha Cole
Mech Warriors

We Finally Know When the Giant Robot Duel Between the US and Japan Will Take Place

The battle will take place in August 2017, over two years after the PR-savvy US robotics company Megabots issued its challenge to Japanese company Suidobashi, according to a new video.
Carl Franzen
Public Investigations

Bellingcat Wants Your Help to Debunk Fake News

The citizen journalism network has launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand its open source investigation platform.
Ben Sullivan

The Guy Behind Long-Delayed Glowing Plants Kickstarter Wants to Sell You Moss

Antony Evans still hasn’t shipped any glow-in-the-dark plants, but he wants you to trust him on his new product.
Madison Margolin
short circuit

Why Kickstarter Projects May Not Benefit From Live Video Pitches

You can interact, in real time, with the projects you want to back.
Kevin Wong

How This Fine Art Occultist Makes Four-Dimensional Glyphs

Eliza Gauger explains her process for creating Problem Glyphs.
Leigh Alexander