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Legalize it

Democrats Should Run on a Platform of Legalizing Weed

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement today overturns an Obama-era policy that paved the way for legal pot.
Daniel Oberhaus

Jeff Sessions Has a Plan for the Opioid Epidemic: More Cops

Is this going to be a “War on Drugs” disaster or a collaborative effort to end the epidemic?
Kaleigh Rogers
You're Fired

Could Anybody Be Worse Than James Comey On Encryption? We're About to Find Out

A look back at former FBI Director James Comey’s years-long battle against privacy.
Jason Koebler
Weed Week

The FBI Says It Can Finally Find Hackers Who Don’t Smoke Weed

The agency says it's managing to meet its hiring goals despite a ban on hiring anyone who's used marijuana within the last three years.
Daniel Oberhaus

What Happens If the Trump Administration Goes After Porn?

Porn laws in the US are opaque, making them a perfect tool for official harassment by the likes of attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions.
Lux Alptraum

Jeff Sessions Failed to Disclose Oil He Owns Under a Federal Wildlife Refuge

Trump's Attorney General pick could have a huge conflict of interest with any future environmental regulation.
Grennan Milliken

Trump Could Be a Huge Turn Off for Sex Toy Lovers

Trump doesn't want to work with China. Unfortunately, that's where all the sex toys are made.
Lux Alptraum
United States of Weed

Trump's Pick for Attorney General Will Likely Crack Down on Cannabis

Jeff Sessions has been a vocal opponent of marijuana for decades.
Madison Margolin
Donald Trump

Why It Matters That Trump's Attorney General Pick Is a Climate Change Skeptic

Congressman Jeff Sessions has already raised alarm bells for comments on race, but his new role also puts him in charge of prosecuting federal environmental crimes.
Grennan Milliken