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San Francisco Votes for 'Homeless Tax' That Twitter's CEO and Other Tech Companies Tried to Block

The city's controversial Proposition C, which would tax technology companies to fund homeless services, passed on Tuesday.
Sarah Emerson
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Journalists Are Not Social Media Platforms’ Unpaid Content Moderators

During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Wednesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted how much the platform relies on reports from journalists on to counter offending content on the site.
Jason Koebler
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Twitter Verification Has Always Been a Mess

Former Twitter employees say many in the company have long railed against its broken verification system.
Sarah Emerson

The New Twitter @-Replies Are Giving Me an Ulcer

Why does Twitter hate itself so much?
Sarah Jeong

As Literal Nazis Abuse Twitter, CEO Asks How to Improve the Platform

Jack Dorsey took to his own account to ask for ideas to improve the service, but the main area of improvement is obvious.
Sarah Emerson
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Don't Worry, Here's How You Can Disable Twitter DM Read Receipts

Do. Not. Want.
Ben Sullivan
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Twitter’s Streaming Deals May Turn It Into a Cord Cutter’s Dream Come True

Twitter is now encroaching on the last compelling reason to keep cable: live sports.
Chris Brantner

So Milo’s Banned. Now Will Twitter Start Working on Harassment?

Twitter bans hate speaker, punts on hate speech.
Derek Mead

Here's Twitter's Response to the Racist Harassment of Leslie Jones

Once again, it’s taken a celebrity to show just how bad Twitter's anti-harassment tools are for everyone.
Sarah Emerson
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Twitter Is Inviting Users to Become ‘Twitter Insiders’ to Help Brands

Twitter Insiders like me are conversing online at this very moment to help the company figure out what is and isn’t working.
Nicholas Deleon
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The Unintended Consequences of Twitter’s New Changes

Twitter is implementing a number of changes to make the service more usable for people who aren’t intimately familiar with its arcane vocabulary, but not all of these changes have been greeted happily.
Nicholas Deleon

Things Jack Dorsey Tweeted About Instead of Azealia Banks' Mixtape

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