How US Military Hackers Prepared to Hack the Islamic State

Documents obtained by Motherboard give insight into how hackers at CYBERCOM prepare before launching offensive cyber operations, including figuring out how likely an attack will be attributed back to them.
Joseph Cox

This Custom-Made Jihadi Encryption App Hides Messages in Images

A new program dubbed Muslim Crypt tries to keep extremist communications secure.
Joseph Cox
All Fronts

How Russia Says It Swatted Down a Drone Swarm in Syria

"As both Islamic State and Amazon have shown, small drones are an efficient way of carrying a payload to a target."
David Axe
Social Media

YouTube Regularly Leaves Islamic State Videos Up for Days, Weeks

According to a Motherboard analysis of over 150 videos shared in pro-Islamic State groups, while YouTube is quick to remove offending clips in some cases, the social network is still making serious errors in policing extremist content.
Joseph Cox
"Upload Knights"

How Terrorists Slip Beheading Videos Past YouTube’s Censors

Other jihadi propaganda on the video-sharing platform may be visually more low-key, but are just as insidious in their own ways.
Rita Katz

New Bill Asks Homeland Security to Investigate Whether Terrorists Use Bitcoin

Despite little evidence.
Jordan Pearson

Why Is Drone Manufacturer DJI Trying to Fight ISIS?

Today, it's fighting terrorism. But drone no-fly zones are a fundamentally new restriction on the concept of ownership.
Jason Koebler
Democracy and Dictatorship

Sudan’s Government Is Using a Shady Hacking Group to Hunt ISIS

But the government has been cracking down on freedom of expression and dissent too.
Austin Bodetti

This Site Sells Replica ISIS Suicide Vests and Pressure Cooker Bombs

Know your enemy.
Ben Sullivan
Cyber terrorism

The Islamic State's Tech Support Is Worried About CIA Hacking Tools

Whether Islamic State supporters will actually learn anything from reading the documents is another matter, though.
Joseph Cox

Twitter Suspensions Reveal the Company's Skewed Views on 'Extremism'

Twitter chooses to focus on the faraway spectre of ISIS rather than the neo-Nazis closer to home.
Jillian York
Cyber terrorism

Inside the Site Teaching Islamic State Supporters How to Use Encryption

A 34-year-old man from Cardiff was arrested for creating videos offering cybersecurity tips that were then posted on an Islamic State supporter site.
Joseph Cox