Earth’s Oceans Have Absorbed Far More Heat Than Experts Believed, Study Claims

A new study says we’ve vastly underestimated the amount of heat trapped by Earth’s oceans due to global warming.
Sarah Emerson
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The UN's Devastating Climate Change Report Was Too Optimistic

The IPCC has been criticized for being "too alarmist. If anything, it is the opposite. With their latest report, they have been overly conservative."
Nafeez Ahmed
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Devastating UN Report: CO2 Emissions Must Go to Zero By 2050 to Avoid Worst Effects of Climate Change

The IPCC's '1.5 Degree Report' paints a dire picture that suggests we must fundamentally change the nature of society in the next decade.
Caroline Haskins
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Earth Will Likely Be Much Warmer in 2100 Than We Anticipated, Scientists Warn

But there’s some good news, too. Countries are starting to move away from fossil fuels.
Stephen Leahy
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No One Can Agree What 2°C of Global Warming Actually Means

We don’t know how many places are unprepared for upcoming decades of climate change.
Caroline Haskins
Planes, Pains, and Climate Change

Airports and Planes Need to Adapt to Climate Change, Too

High temperatures are already grounding planes, but what happens if (or when) things get worse?
Sarah Emerson
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Scientists Are Gearing Up for a Fight Over How Much to Limit Global Warming

“Exotic Dr Strangelove options” to slow climate change have become “Plan A,” one says.
Stephen Buranyi

How to Lead a Nation That Will Be Swallowed by the Sea

The president of low-lying Kiribati has spent nearly a decade trying to save his people from rising sea levels. There’s a good chance he will not succeed. This is how he leads a nation that will likely not exist in 100 years.
Brian Merchant

​Study: Rising Fossil Fuel Emissions Will Screw With Carbon Dating

One scientist says that our atmosphere is artificially “aging” so it’ll soon be hard to tell old from new.
Victoria Turk

The House Science Committee Spent Today in a Climate Change Denial Echo Chamber

One way to continue denying climate change is to invite only other deniers to testify at your hearings.
Jason Koebler

We Can Afford to Act on Climate Change, If We Move Fast

The latest IPCC report is a call to global action, but questions of blame and responsibility are getting in the way.
Victoria Turk
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Didn't Read the Most Important Climate Report in Six Years? This Video Has You Covered

Because sometimes, text only goes so far.
Lex Berko