Facebook Knows You Don’t Want to Trust Its Portal Camera

After so many privacy issues in the last two years, the social media company is hoping that putting security front and center will lure users to its new product.
Kaleigh Rogers
Internet of Shit

New California Law Aims to Fix the Internet of Broken Things

But security experts say it will take a lot more than regulation to fix this particular dumpster fire.
Karl Bode

Connected Car Technology Can Enable Abusers to Track Their Victims

A growing number of automakers are enabling location tracking in internet-connected cars, a technology that experts say can be misused by abusers to track their victims.
Tracey Lindeman

The Internet of Things Needs Food Safety-Style Ratings for Privacy and Security

Consumer Reports is the first to integrate privacy and security in reviews in a bid to fix the internet of broken things.
Karl Bode

A New Internet of Things Botnet Originated on 'Grand Theft Auto' Servers

Attackers said “God’s wrath will be employed against the IP that you provide us.”
Mack DeGeurin

The Making of the Largest Satellite Constellation in History

How Iridium rose from its ashes to launch the era of satellite megaprojects.
Daniel Oberhaus
Internet Insecurity

The Hackers Behind Some of the Biggest DDoS Attacks in History Plead Guilty

Three men plead guilty to being the creators and operators of the Mirai botnet.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Internet of Shit

Researchers Find Flaw That Could Turn LG Robot Vacuums Into Perfect Spying Machines

The bug is just the latest in a long, seemingly endless list of flaws found in so-called smart devices.
Lucian Constantin
Internet of Things

The Dangers of the 'Brainternet'

Can you hack the Internet Of Brains?
Jacob Dubé

We Anonymously Controlled a Dildo Through the Tor Network

Sex toy makers are increasingly connecting their products to the internet, but privacy is often an afterthought. One researcher showed that an alternative is possible.
Joseph Cox
The internet of hackable things

More Than 120,000 Internet Connected Cameras Can Be Easily Hacked, Researcher Warns

Oh, Internet of Things.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
def con

Car Wash Hack Can Strike Vehicle, Trap Passengers, Douse Them With Water

"We believe this to be the first exploit of a connected device that causes the device to physically attack someone," researchers presenting the proof-of-concept say.
Kim Zetter