These Butterflies Can Hear With Their Wings

For a century, nobody knew why Satyrini butterflies had inflated veins on their forewings. Turns out the structures are hearing aids.
Becky Ferreira
Outer Limits

Bugs Are the Worst Part of Going Outside and Climate Change Is Making It Worse

Bug spray will soon be as ubiquitous as sunscreen. Long sleeves in hot weather will lose their dorky reputation.
Rosemary Westwood
famous bugs

Why So Many New Species Are Named After Celebrities

Scientists just named some newly discovered spiders after Bernie Sanders, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Michelle Obama.
Jacob Dubé
Don't Bug Out on Me

Trend Alert: Covering Yourself in Bees

Don’t bee afraid.
Jacob Dubé

How Physics Dooms Average Ants

A quirk of friction offers up ant meals to nightmarish antlion larvae.
Michael Byrne
Wasp Attacks

The ‘Lucifer’ Heatwave in Europe Is Reportedly Fuelling Terrifying Wasp Attacks

With climate change, bee and wasp attacks are expected to get worse.
Caroline Haskins

Oh Look. Russia’s Annual Plague of Locusts Is Here

Watch a car drive into the heart of locust storm.
Ben Sullivan
you guys seen these?

Why Are We Seeing So Many Fireflies in New York This Year?

There have been reports of higher than normal firefly populations, but it’s probably fine.
Kaleigh Rogers
The Future Is Weird

Welcome to the Slightly Alien Future World of Terreform ONE

The Brooklyn-based non-profit research and design group is trying to prepare humanity for whatever comes next, as founding co-president Mitchell Joachim tells Motherboard.
Samantha Cole
Wait, What?

The Bizarre Chain of Events That Led to an Unusual Number of Ticks This Summer

Ticks can carry Lyme disease and other pathogens, so be extra cautious.
Kaleigh Rogers
too many bees

At Least You Didn't Wake Up To 120,000 Bees in Your Ceiling

I love bees but dang.
Kaleigh Rogers
Follow the Leader

The Sinister Truth Behind Caterpillar Conga Lines

Why do caterpillars line up? What are they plotting?
Samantha Cole