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rat lungworm disease

Why an Australian Man Died 8 Years After Eating a Slug

Sam Ballard of Sydney, Australia died last week from a rare parasitic infection called rat lungworm disease.
Sarah Emerson

What Almost Every Outbreak Story Gets Wrong

If the story of Gaëtan Dugas as Patient Zero was scientifically inaccurate, why did it persist for so long?
Leyla Mei

Scientists Recreated One of Our Deadliest Plagues to Understand Its Evolution

The bacterium behind the Black Death and Justinian's Plague comes back to life.
Sarah Emerson

Is Undead Smallpox Reemerging From Siberian Graves?

Scientists debate the dangers of a new plague emerging from permafrost thaws.
Leif Johnson

'Post-Treatment Controllers' Offer a Glint of Hope for a Functional HIV Cure

Some patients are able to stop antiviral therapy and remain healthy. No one quite knows why.
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

Infectious Disease Evacuations Could Incite a Race War in California Prisons

Rampant Valley Fever has killed dozens of inmates since 2006.
Grace Wyler
Motherboard Blog

To Halt Infectious Diseases, Quarantine the Popular Kids

UK researchers measure social contact to track infectious diseases.
Jason Koebler
Motherboard Blog

A New System Could Predict Deadly Dengue Outbreaks Four Months in Advance

There's no vaccine for dengue fever, which kills 25,000 people a year. But a Swiss researcher believes she's uncovered a way to predict when outbreaks will occur.
Mat McDermott

This Waltz-y Data Visualization Will Help Kill the Spread of the Flu

The modeled ebb and flow, uncannily synced to Blue Danube's waltz and simulated to predict flu virus transmission rates, is remarkably swarm-like in its sheer randomness.
Brian Anderson