The Rise of T-Series, the YouTube Channel That Will Soon Dethrone PewDiePie

An Indian entertainment channel is poised to take over as the largest YouTube channel in the world.
Ankita Rao
vape life

Why Does It Look Like the Elephant in This Video Is Vaping?

Wildlife conservationists in India captured footage of an elephant that appears to be exhaling a cloud of smoke.
Daniel Oberhaus
Biometric Insecurity

The World's Largest Biometric ID System Keeps Getting Hacked

The personal data of many of India's citizens is for sale on WhatsApp for less than $10.
Ashish Malhotra

Delhi Residents Say They’re Getting Rained on By Airline Passenger Poop

India’s environmental court is investigating claims that aircraft are dumping human waste on a Delhi neighborhood.
Sarah Emerson
net neutrality

India Just Backed Net Neutrality, as the US Considers Abandoning It

It’s a great sign in a country that has had a problematic relationship with online censorship.
Kaleigh Rogers

Amazon's Alexa Is Coming to India and She Sounds Like My Mom

Amazon is courting the Indian market more than ever.
Ankita Rao
don't get pwned

I Uncovered a Group of Scammers Posing as Apple Support Technicians

When I tried calling their number, a woman told me Apple has a second headquarters in Virginia. It doesn’t.
Louise Matsakis
The Darjeeling Limited

Darjeeling Tea Is Climate Change’s Latest Victim

Tea entrepreneurs are trying to save the "Champagne of teas".
Esha Chhabra

Indian Politicians Are Cutting Off Power to People Who Poop Outside

In the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, people in villages without toilets could face a forced electricity blackout.
Ankita Rao
holy cow

India Wants to Censor the Word ‘Cow’ In a New Documentary

A Harvard economist's documentary is the latest victim of the right-wing agenda.
Ankita Rao

The World’s Largest Coal Mining Company Is Closing 37 Sites

As solar energy becomes cheaper than coal, India’s growth will depend on renewables.
Ankita Rao
land rights

The Indian Government Is Displacing Indigenous People to Plant Trees

A misguided environmental law is threatening the lives of the people who have protected India's forests for centuries.
Gaurav Madan