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Smart Cities

How an Old Industrial Ship Yard Created 7,000 New Jobs

Brooklyn Navy Yard President and CEO David Ehrenberg tells Motherboard how his non-profit reclaimed an industrial workspace and updated it for the 21st century.
Samantha Cole
Luxury Week

When Income Inequality Causes the Rich to Seek Shelter

Best way to respond to the vast income gulf? Run and hide.
Malak Abas
You'll Sleep When You're Dead

​Sleep Tech Will Widen the Gap Between the Rich and the Poor

“We are not used to wealthy people having a completely different biological experience of being alive."
Natalie O'Neill

The State of the Union Was About Tech Because Everything Is About Tech

The future of the world hinges on what we do with all the people whose livelihoods revolve around obsolete tech.
Jason Koebler

​What the Future Fiction of 2015 Said About Humans Today

A look at the big themes in our science fiction—in TV shows, movies, books, video games, and comics—this year.
Brian Merchant

​A Job Opening

The future will be hot, unequal, and violent. Here's the story of one woman's quest to get the one thing she'll need the most to survive it: a job.
Devon Maloney

​Even the Pope Hates the Suburbs

In his forthcoming teaching document, the Pope will call out the "social anonymity" of the 'burbs.
Brian Merchant

Income Inequality Has Regressed to 1820 Levels, Will Likely Keep Regressing

A new study suggests that while globalisation makes nations more equal relative to each other, it makes residents of each nation less equal.
Ben Richmond

We Need Dystopias Now More Than Ever

Only a venture capitalist could argue, as militarized police descend on poor Americans with riot tech, that we should stop talking about dystopias.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Growing Up Poor Is Bad for Your Brain

The stress burden of growing up poor can permanently make a person's brain dysfunctional—which is bad news for a country with fast-rising poverty levels.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

With Unprecedented Inequality, the US Looks More Like a Dystopia Than Ever

With 10 percent of Americans taking 50 percent of the cash, dystopia looms. Here's a look at how the future is lining up with our worst-case fictions.
Brian Merchant