ICE Raid on Samsung Repair Contractor Shows Big Tech’s Reliance on Exploitative Labor

The biggest ICE raid in a decade, at a CVE Technology Group facility in Texas, went after the people who repair our phones.
Jason Koebler

Border Patrol Union Just Deleted a Webpage Saying a Wall Would Be 'Wasting Taxpayer Money'

Digital archives show that the page was deleted after the union's president supported building a border wall with Donald Trump in the White House Briefing Room.
Caroline Haskins

30 Years of Data Shows Asylum Seekers Are Not an Economic Burden

A new study shows that giving migrants pathways to citizenship in European countries actually results in positive economic impacts, while asylum seekers don’t have a negative impact.
Daniel Oberhaus
Stanford Prison Experiment

As Sadism Surges on the American Border, Our Collective Understanding of Cruelty Collapses

The Stanford prison experiment, which helped us understand the worst atrocities in history for decades, is called out as a 'sham' at a moment when America is separating asylum seekers from their children at the border.
Emanuel Maiberg
Border Lines

The Mexican Border-Crossing App That Suddenly Disappeared

“What would stop Border Patrol agents from signing up for this also?”
Brian Anderson

The River

In a future where immigrants have been made outlaws, a man reluctantly escapes to the home he never knew in the dying Amazon.
Tori Cárdenas

The Activist Helping Abuse Survivors Tell Their Stories Through Comics

Krittika Ghosh helps immigrant women share their perspectives and energize their communities.
Jacob Dubé
On Edge

Dreamers Are Not Safe Online

After the Department of Homeland Security rescinded DACA in September, some dreamers are trying to balance digital privacy with a desire to connect with others.
Caroline Haskins
climate change

Donald Trump’s Grandfather Was Likely a Climate Change Refugee

A new study charts how extreme weather events, like droughts and floods, drove a 19th century wave of German immigration to North America.
Stephen Leahy

A Former DACA Recipient Explains All the Data ICE Can Use to Go After Dreamers

"Your income level, everywhere you've lived in the U.S., how you entered the U.S. ... it's more or less everything."
Matthew Gault

‘AmericanDreamLand’ Is the Discord Server Where Dreamers Are Organizing After the End of DACA

Pro-Trump trolls have already tried to infiltrate the channel.
Louise Matsakis
Samantha Cole
whoa, dude!

You Are Part Extragalactic, Study Says

Supercomputer simulations of galaxy evolution estimate how much of the Milky Way was born beyond its borders.
Becky Ferreira