NASA Discovers Second Crater Hidden Under Greenland's Ice

Within a matter of months, NASA has discovered the first subglacial craters known to science. They’re both huge and relatively young.
Becky Ferreira

Saturn's Rings Are Disappearing, NASA Scientists Say

A new NASA study estimates that Saturn’s famous rings won’t be around forever.
Sarah Emerson

Sorry, But Starbucks Will Not Be Accepting Bitcoin

Contrary to numerous news reports, Starbucks’ new cryptocurrency partnership with Microsoft and Intercontinental Exchange doesn’t mean you’ll be able to spend your bitcoins at the coffee retailer’s locations.
Jordan Pearson

ICE Modified Its 'Risk Assessment' Software So It Automatically Recommends Detention

A recent software change to an ICE tool that automatically recommends detention of immigrants with little to no criminal history.
Daniel Oberhaus

GitHub, Medium, and Twitter Scrubbed a Database of ICE Agents

Threats of violence against database creator Sam Lavigne, however, remain online.
Corin Faife

This Programmer Scraped LinkedIn to Find People Who Work at ICE

This isn't the first time that public information sources have been scraped to shed light on government employees.
Corin Faife
blind spots

DHS Did Not Investigate Hundreds of Civil Rights Abuse Complaints, Documents Reveal

DHS’s Office of the Inspector General says it has 'limited resources' to investigate hundreds of civil liberties and detainee abuse complaints, but one expert said the figures “demand a closer look.”
Joseph Cox

Microsoft, an ICE Tech Partner, 'Dismayed' by Child Separation Policy

After Twitter users pointed out Microsoft’s relationship with ICE, the tech giant is publicly distancing itself from the agency's parent-child separations.
Joseph Cox
Stanford Prison Experiment

As Sadism Surges on the American Border, Our Collective Understanding of Cruelty Collapses

The Stanford prison experiment, which helped us understand the worst atrocities in history for decades, is called out as a 'sham' at a moment when America is separating asylum seekers from their children at the border.
Emanuel Maiberg
inseguridad en Internet

Why We Published the Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked in Spanish

Native Spanish speakers in the US face specific threats to their digital security.
Motherboard Staff
Not a Drill

Russia Is Deploying Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Defend Its Arctic Oil Claims

The surface-to-air system is built for cold and can shoot down cruise missiles in the rapidly warming, potentially oil-rich Far North.
David Axe
On Edge

Dreamers Are Not Safe Online

After the Department of Homeland Security rescinded DACA in September, some dreamers are trying to balance digital privacy with a desire to connect with others.
Caroline Haskins