This Ecologist Finds Clues to Anthropocene Survival in Ice Age Extinctions

Whether she’s reconstructing the Pleistocene world or advocating for a more inclusive science community, Jacquelyn Gill is all about interdisciplinary approaches.

Becky Ferreira

This Food Scientist Wants to Save Lives With a Hypoallergenic Peanut

Hortense Dodo has pioneered a process for engineering safer peanuts that can prevent deadly reactions.

Becky Ferreira

The Activist Fighting for High-Tech Reconciliation for Canada's Indigenous People

As executive director of the First Nations Technology Council, Denise Williams wants to equalize the digital playing field for BC’s Indigenous communities.

Jordan Pearson

This Campaigner Wants to End the Global Food Waste Scandal

Author and activist Tristram Stuart has launched campaigns, new businesses, and community events to stop nations from squandering food.

Ian Birnbaum

The Entrepreneur Trying to Democratize Law with a Free Chatbot

Joshua Browder created DoNotPay to help people fight parking tickets, and hopes to make the platform a resource for all kinds of legal issues.

Samantha Cole

The Activist Developer Who Helps Journalists Protect Data and Sources

Harlo Holmes helps journalists learn how to use the anonymous whistleblower platform SecureDrop and how to stay safe online.

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

The Former Naturopath Who Became a Whistleblower on the Industry

Britt Marie Hermes became disenchanted with naturopathy when she saw profits being valued over patients.

Kaleigh Rogers

This Neuroscientist Brings ‘Research to the Runway’ With STEM-Inspired Fashion

Yuly Fuentes-Medel hopes to communicate the value of science across disciplines, cultures, and peoples.

Becky Ferreira

The Beekeeper Who Makes Synth Music With His Bee Colonies

Bioni Samp translates bee behaviors and sounds into electronic music to help raise awareness of the ecological issues threatening them.

Troy Farah

The Astronomer Who Is Building the Largest Map of Space by Volume

Mark Halpern and his team are in a race against time to study dark energy's role in the expansion of our universe.

Jacob Dubé

This Asteroid Hunter Is Tasked With Saving Earth from Killer Impacts

Lindley Johnson is NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer and in many ways, the fate of the Earth rests in his hands. But he’s not stressed about it.

Daniel Oberhaus

This Physicist Turned Time Crystals From a Theoretical Oddity to an Odd Reality

Last year, scientists created a time crystal for the first time in a lab. It wouldn’t have been possible without the theories of Chetan Nayak.

Daniel Oberhaus