Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Wants to House 1.1 Million People on Artificial Islands to Solve Housing Crisis

Amid a housing crisis, Hong Kong's government plans to create new developable land in the middle of the ocean.
Sarah Emerson
Outer Limits

Hong Kong’s Government Is Spending Billions Taking Land from the Sea

The scale of land reclamation in the semi-autonomous territory is revving up to unprecedented heights.
Justin Heifetz​​
outer limits

Hong Kong Has No Space Left for the Dead

"Where will the bodies go?"
Justin Heifetz​​
taking out the trash

Hong Kong Has Nearly Run Out of Space for Its Garbage

What happens then?
Justin Heifetz​​
Snowden's Angels

The Refugees Who Helped Snowden Escape Hong Kong Are Stuck in a Living Hell

The people who housed the NSA leaker say they're being targeted for helping him by the people and agencies supposed to be protecting them.
Theresa Locker

Before There Was Netflix, Hong Kong Had the First On-Demand Streaming Service

In 1998, a Hong Kong telecom firm spent $1.5 billion trying to make video-on-demand happen. iTV was so ahead of its time that it beat Netflix’s DVD service.
Ernie Smith
Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go Inspired This App for Hunting Hong Kong’s Haunted Apartments

A tech startup that hustles haunted apartments to local millennials and expats is moving its service into augmented reality.
Justin Heifetz​​

Hong Kong's Sex Workers Are Ditching Their Pimps for iPhones

Online forums and chat apps are putting the power back in the hands of "compensated daters."
Justin Heifetz​​

This App Helps Citizens Report Deadly Mosquito Sightings

Mosquito Alert allows Spaniards to report sightings of the Tiger mosquito, helping local authorities stamp out their spread.
Emiko Jozuka

Kim Dotcom Just Went from Broke to $80K a Month Thanks to a Hong Kong Judge

The Mega founder now has the cash to fight his case for much, much longer.
Greg Sandoval

This App Would Let Dissidents Share Video When Governments Shut Off the Internet

The ideal app for dissent spreads and mutates offline.
Jordan Pearson

UPS Finally Banned Shark Fins. What Now?

The world’s largest delivery company gave in to pressure from advocates, but how much good will it do?
Melissa Cronin