honey bees


Honeybees Can Add and Subtract, Study Finds

After discovering that honeybees understand the concept of zero, scientists tested the insect’s ability to spot gains and losses.
Becky Ferreira

Bees Go Eerily Silent During Total Solar Eclipses

“It was like 'lights out' at summer camp!”
Becky Ferreira
bee deaths

Popular Weed Killer May Be Responsible for Global Bee Deaths

An ingredient in the popular herbicide, Roundup, may be related to colony collapse disorder, say scientists.
Sarah Emerson
killer bees

A Swarm of 80,000 ‘Killer’ Bees Stung a California Woman 200 Times

"She had them on her face, around her mouth, around her ears, her neck and her hair."
Becky Ferreira
Math Bee

Honey Bees Are the First Insect Known to Grasp the Concept of Zero

By giving bees visual math quizzes, scientists discovered that these insects know a null set when they see one.
Becky Ferreira

Another Reason We Can’t Live Without Bees: They Can Deliver Pesticides

Thanks, lil guys!
Kaleigh Rogers

Honey Bee Extinction Will Change Life As We Know It

If bees disappear, so will all of life's modern luxuries.
Sarah Emerson
Goodbye Meatbags

This Drone Has Artificial Intelligence Modelled on Honey Bee Brains

Forget merging man and machine, these researchers are fusing bee and drone.
Emiko Jozuka

The Most Addictive Ingredient in Cigarettes Could Make for Healthier Bees

Talk about getting a buzz (ba dum tss).
Kaleigh Rogers
Motherboard Blog

This Virus Pushes Struggling Bee Colonies Over the Edge

Tobacco ringspot virus has the rare ability to jump from plants to insects.
Jason Koebler
Motherboard Blog

Promiscuous Queen Bees and Probiotics Create Healthier Colonies

Honeybees have been a hot topic of research ever since the discovery that they were dying in droves -- the U.S. Department of Agriculture says Colony Collapse Disorder has been at least partly responsible for the death of 30% or more of U.S. bee...
Derek Mead