proposition c

San Francisco Votes for 'Homeless Tax' That Twitter's CEO and Other Tech Companies Tried to Block

The city's controversial Proposition C, which would tax technology companies to fund homeless services, passed on Tuesday.
Sarah Emerson

Inside Denver's First 'Tiny Village' for the Homeless

Beloved Community Village could transform services for transgender Americans without homes.
David Cumming

London's New Wi-Fi Kiosks Won't Have Public Browsing Due to NYC's Porn Problem

The company says the move is designed to stop the kiosks from being 'monopolised,' but it could severely constrain Wi-Fi use for those who need it most.
Ben Sullivan

LinkNYC Discovers the Difficulty of Bringing Free Wi-Fi to City Streets

Complaints erupted over people using LinkNYC for extended periods of time, prompting something of a reset for the program.
Linda Huber

Artificial Intelligence Could Help Reduce HIV Among Homeless Youths

Researchers in California developed an algorithm that predicts which homeless youth are most likely to influence their peers—would it work in Canada?
Jordan Pearson

Is 'SimCity' Homelessness a Bug or a Feature?

A new 600-page, two volume epic about how to get rid of the homeless in SimCity.
Emanuel Maiberg
Motherboard Blog

Nevada Is Allegedly Deporting Its Mentally Ill Residents

A bus ticket to a strange city and just enough pills for the ride. Compassion.
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

Evolution Explains Free Public Wi-Fi And Why Plants Make Drugs

Upon discovering earlier this week that McCarren Park became the first park in Brooklyn to offer free wi-fi, I was determined to take full advantage of the service. After finishing the workday, I'd make the short jaunt from Motherboard headquarters...
Derek Mead