Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Study Shows Heat Hurts Cognitive Ability

Researchers put young people in old, hot dorms during a Boston heat wave, and found that their memories and cognitive speed was worse that their AC-chilled counterparts.
Samantha Cole
climate change

Here Are 27 Ways Heat Waves Can Kill You

Climate change is making heat waves worse.
Stephen Leahy
Wasp Attacks

The ‘Lucifer’ Heatwave in Europe Is Reportedly Fuelling Terrifying Wasp Attacks

With climate change, bee and wasp attacks are expected to get worse.
Caroline Haskins

100 Years Ago, the Chances of a Year as Hot as 2014 'Were Less Than 1 in 10,000'

Here is the likelihood that Europe would be as hot today without climate change: "It's so small we had trouble computing it."
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Bats Are Literally Falling Out of Trees in Australia Because It's So Hot

The antipodal answer to America's polar vortex is a heat wave so bad, native species can't survive it.
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

These Vintage Weather Hat Patents Are Too Chill

So I'm sweating. If only I could dust off some long-forgotten heat-dome gem from the US Patents archive to keep cool and still look crisp as blade.
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

Air Conditioning Is Boiling the Earth and Making Us Weak: An Interview with Author Stan Cox

It hit 95 degrees in Chicago on Monday, making it the hottest Memorial Day in the city's history. It was hot enough to result in a number of heat warnings instructing individuals to avoid the outdoors while staying in air conditioned spaces. Are we now...
Michael Arria