monk seal

Everything You Wanted to Know About This Monk Seal With an Eel in Its Nose

“This is the third or fourth case of an eel in the nose that we have observed.”
Sarah Emerson

Thirty Meter Telescope Permitted on Sacred Volcano, Rules Hawaii Supreme Court

After years of litigation, the Court issued a 4-1 ruling reinstating a permit to build the massive observatory on Mauna Kea’s summit.
Becky Ferreira
climate change

A Hurricane Just Caused This Remote Hawaiian Island to Vanish

The northerly East Island in Hawaii’s French Frigate Shoals is now submerged beneath the sea.
Sarah Emerson
The Most Unknown

What Baby Stars and Meteorites Can Tell Us About Our Solar System’s Past

Rachel Smith studies the birth of stars to better understand the origins of life on Earth, and perhaps elsewhere in the universe.
Becky Ferreira
Kilauea eruption

A ‘Lava Bomb’ Crashed Through a Hawaii Tour Boat, Injuring 23 People

An explosion from the Big Island's Kilauea eruption showered passengers with molten debris, seriously injuring some.
Sarah Emerson
Shark Watch

One Hundred Baby Hammerhead Sharks Found Dead Near Hawaii Lagoon

A pile of dead shark pups mysteriously appeared on Oahu, and authorities are investigating how they were killed.
Sarah Emerson
Lava Land

Who Owns the New Land Created By a Volcano in Hawaii?

What the law says about staking a claim to that hot new stuff.
Sarah Emerson
Kilauea eruption

Strands of Volcanic Glass Called ‘Pele’s Hair’ Rain Down on Hawaii Residents

The eruption of the Big Island’s Kilauea volcano has caused “Pele’s hair,” a type of volcanic glass that resembles spun sugar, to rain down on Pāhoa residents.
Sarah Emerson

Lava, Land, and Life Forms

Hawaii’s erupting Kilauea volcano is the latest example of a powerful natural force for creating new life.
Melissa Cronin

How Dangerous Is It to Be Taking Video of Kilauea's Fountains of Lava Erupting in Hawaii?

Some of the videos emerging look scary close.
Kaleigh Rogers

Lava Fountains in the Streets Cause Hawaii to Declare State of Emergency

Parts of the Big Island of Hawaii are being evacuated after Kilauea Volcano spewed fountains of lava into nearby streets.
Sarah Emerson

An Avalanche of Errors Led to the False Missile Alert in Hawaii

The FCC heard a preliminary report from an investigation into what went wrong.
Kaleigh Rogers