A Decryption Key for Law Firm Emails in Hacked 9/11 Files Has Been Released

Someone has published the decryption key for the third layer of allegedly 9/11-linked documents from The Dark Overlord hacking group.
Joseph Cox
When Spies Come Home

Hacker Steals Customers' Text Messages from Android Spyware Company

A hacker has stolen text messages and call metadata from SpyHuman, a firm selling malware to the everyday consumer. It’s the fifth such consumer spyware company to be targeted recently.
Joseph Cox
Another Day Another Hack

Hacked: 92 Million Account Details for DNA Testing Service MyHeritage

On Monday MyHeritage announced a security researcher had uncovered tens of millions of account details for recent customers, including email addresses and hashed passwords.
Joseph Cox

Hackers Deface World’s Most-Viewed YouTube Video

The video for Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s ‘Despacito’ briefly went down on Tuesday, as hackers apparently deface the video’s page as well.
Joseph Cox
Another Day Another Hack

Thousands of Bestiality Website Users Exposed in Hack

In a sign of just how hackers can obtain really sensitive data, image boards are circulating email addresses and other alleged account details on users of at least one bestiality site.
Joseph Cox

The FBI Is Trying to Scrub Its Employees’ Hacked Data Off the Web

Recovering the personal information of 20,000 FBI employees and 9,000 DHS employees is hard.
Joseph Cox

As Seen on TV: When Hackers Hacked a BBC Computer Live in 1983

Two BBC presenters are caught off guard as they try to explain email to viewers at home.
Adam Owen

Newsweek’s Twitter Account Hacked by ‘Cyber Caliphate’

A group of ISIS sympathizers took control of the publication’s account for about 15 minutes on Tuesday morning.
Kari Paul
Motherboard Blog

AT&T Hacker 'weev' Demands One Bitcoin for Each Hour He Spent in Jail

The infamous hacker wants reparations. And statues of domestic terrorists, apparently.
Fruzsina Eordogh

Beijing's Hacker Bike Pumps Clean Air Into Your Lungs as You Ride

Save your lungs from a toxic commute.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Who Would Shut Down Hipster Runoff? A Gchat with Carles

When I heard that Hipster Runoff had been hacked and shut down this morning, I was bummed, but I assumed that it would be back soon. I guessed that something straightforward, like a flood of traffic from a DDoS attack, had shut it down, and that the...
Derek Mead