future guns

Army Eyes New ‘Ribbon-Gun’ Rifle That Fires Four Rounds at a Time

The L4 is just one of several gun designs the ground-combat branch has considered in recent years as it attempts to replace older weapons.
David Axe
active shooter

Foam Sweet Foam: The Bullet-Eating Furniture Used to Prepare for Active Shooters

In a video essay, two filmmakers explore the 'kill houses' where SWAT teams train, where one patented technology blurs the line between fake and real.
Jillian Mayer
Kelly Loudenberg
streisand effect

Trying to Ban 3D-Printed Guns Will Only Make Them More Popular

A lawsuit to prevent the distribution of 3D-printed gun designs is five years too late, and is the latest example of the Streisand Effect in action.
Jason Koebler

San Bruno Police Are Responding to a Shooting at YouTube HQ

Google says it is 'coordinating with authorities.'
Matthew Gault

A Gun Channel Moves to Pornhub After YouTube Ban on Firearms

InRange TV says it’s “decentralizing” its firearms reviews and tutorials, and publishing them on Pornhub.
Samantha Cole

YouTube Bans DIY and Commercially Focused Gun Videos

No more selling guns, or tutorials on how to make silencers and high capacity magazines.
Matthew Gault
conspiracy theories

Mass Shootings Attract Conspiracy Theories Because the Reality Is Too Bleak to Accept

Conspiracy theories are really just another way of trying to make sense of the world.
Kaleigh Rogers
net neutrality

The NRA Gave Ajit Pai a Gun for Getting Rid of Net Neutrality

The Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award is given to a person who has “stood up under pressure with grace, and dignity, and principled discipline.”
Kaleigh Rogers
Get Out

The Scariest Part of the Winchester Mansion Has Nothing to Do with Ghosts

The labyrinthine Victorian mansion, built with money from a vast firearms fortune, is a perfect metaphor for America’s singular obsession with guns.
Becky Ferreira

This Guy Built a Semi-Automatic Portable Railgun

Cool if you like 'Quake,' but probably not as scary as it sounds.
Matthew Gault
polar bear watch

I Guarded an Arctic Base Against Polar Bears at the Frontline of the Apocalypse

The DEW Line was built in the fifties to warn of a nuclear threat. I guarded six workers there from polar bears.
Duncan Ferguson

The Dark Web Gun Trade May Be Bigger Than You Think

The first study into the dark web gun trade finds tens of thousands of dollars worth of transactions every month.
Joseph Cox