government shutdown

government shutdown

We Are Living in the Begging Economy

The government shutdown is highlighting what is already a reality for many of us: Using the internet to beg for money we need to survive.
Emanuel Maiberg
3 days ago
government shutdown

The Government Shutdown Has Grounded NASA’s Only Flying Telescope

SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, is an observatory built onto a Boeing 747, but the government shutdown has stopped it from flying.
Kaleigh Rogers
4 days ago

The Tiger Sharks Eating This Dead Whale Aren’t Waiting for the Government Shutdown to End

“The situation is impacted by the partial government shutdown.”
Sarah Emerson
government shutdown

The Government Shutdown Has Halted Wildlife Conservation and Research

Between the loss of revenue and the lack of staff, important wildlife conservation work done by the National Park Service has been put in jeopardy.
Kaleigh Rogers
government shutdown

The Shutdown Is Weakening Our Understaffed Weather Service

Salaried meteorologists at the National Weather Service aren’t getting paid, and this could have long-term implications for your weather forecasts.
Caroline Haskins
Magnetic Field

Scientists Can’t Fix Map of Earth’s Magnetic Field Thanks to the Government Shutdown

The federal government was set to update the World Magnetic Model but had to delay it because of the shutdown.
Sarah Emerson
government shutdown

People Trashed Joshua Tree National Park During the Shutdown and Now It’s Closing

Good job, idiots.
Sarah Emerson
national parks

Yosemite National Park Death Went Unreported For a Week During Government Shutdown

The government shutdown has left national parks understaffed as skeleton crews work to keep visitors and natural heritage safe.
Sarah Emerson

FCC Shuts Down, Ajit Pai Jokes He'll Still Police Naughty Language on TV

Government shutdown forces FCC to take a break from kissing up to big telecom.
Karl Bode

Is It 'Essential' for the Government to Tweet During a Shutdown?

Some agencies have logged off during the government shutdown and some have not. Why?
Samantha Cole
government shutdown

Government Shutdowns Are a Disaster for Scientific Research

NASA, the NIH and CDC were some of the biggest victims of the last government shutdown in 2013.
Daniel Oberhaus
Motherboard Blog

Remember the Government Shutdown? It's Still Screwing Over Scientists in Antarctica

The shutdown ushered in a dark era for American science.
Grace Wyler