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California's Resurrected Net Neutrality Bill Just Passed a Major Hurdle

The state senate Communications and Conveyance Committee voted 8-2 in favor of net neutrality bill SB-822.
Kaleigh Rogers

Poop is Raining From the Sky in Canada, and the Government Says It's Not Planes

Is this the crappiest government cover-up ever?
Jordan Pearson
net neutrality

The FCC’s Biggest Net Neutrality Champion Says She Can Achieve More by Leaving the Agency

Mignon Clyburn says watching net neutrality get repealed was ‘incredibly painful.’
Kaleigh Rogers
big telecom

Former Obama FTC Chair Is Now a Comcast Lobbyist Fighting Against Net Neutrality

Jon Leibowitz, an Obama-appointed head of the Federal Trade Commission, has been lobbying for Comcast in his role at Davis Polk & Wardwell.
Kaleigh Rogers
Trump 2020,

Federal Employees Could Get Fired for Liking the Wrong Tweet

Since Trump is already campaigning for 2020, the Hatch Act is in effect, and it covers social media.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Biggest Cryptocurrency Mining Hack Yet Made a Grand Total of $24

Hackers loaded in-browser cryptocurrency miner Coinhive into UK, US, and Canadian government websites on Sunday.
Jordan Pearson
Narrow Misses

Cryptocurrency Mining Hack That Compromised Thousands of Sites ‘Could Have Been a Catastrophe’

UK and US government sites were affected.
Jordan Pearson
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

The Venezuelan Government Is Doing an Ethereum Token Sale to Support Its New Cryptocurrency

The government released the Petro's white paper on Tuesday.
Jordan Pearson

Everything You Need to Know About a Nationalized 5G Wireless Network

The proposal stirred a lot of controversy after Axios published a memo and presentation on this idea this weekend.
Kaleigh Rogers

This Is Ajit Pai's Official Calendar for the Months Leading Up to the Net Neutrality Repeal

Motherboard obtained the FCC chair's official calendar through a Freedom of Information request.
Kaleigh Rogers

Trump's Cognitive Test Asked Him to Draw a Clock and Remember What a Lion Is Called

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment is an effective test for detecting early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, but it doesn’t determine if you’re a “very stable genius.”
Kaleigh Rogers
net neutrality

Nebraska Becomes the First Red State to Introduce Net Neutrality Bill After FCC Scrapped Federal Rules

The Cornhusker State joins New York, California, Washington, and Massachusetts in considering net neutrality rules to replace the scrapped federal legislation.
Kaleigh Rogers