Watch Android Malware Automatically Steal 1,000 Euros From a PayPal Account in Seconds

A new banking malware for Android phones allows criminals to take over control of PayPal and steal money.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
7 hours ago

Google CEO Says No Plan to ‘Launch’ Censored Search Engine in China

In a hearing with the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai kept saying the company has no plans right now to launch a search product in China. But that response leaves plenty of room to launch when it does want to.
Joseph Cox
7 hours ago
Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Putting Edge on Chromium Will Fundamentally Change the Web

The move will allow deeper integration of Chromium and Chrome on Windows, which will lead to major improvements in performance and battery life.
Owen Williams
4 days ago

The Internet Needs More Friction

Tech companies’ obsession with moving data across the internet as fast as possible has made it less safe.
Justin Kosslyn
movies are bad

Fox Is Using Google's Machine Learning to Predict What Movies You'll Like

Data scientists at 20th Century Fox and Google Cloud have developed machine-learning software that can analyze movie trailers and predict how likely people are to see those movies in theaters.
Ian Birnbaum

Google Employees Around the World Are Protesting a History of Sexual Harassment at the Company

“A slap on the wrist for any credibly accused harasser is totally unacceptable and unjust, no matter how much money they bring in or what amazing products they helped build."
Luke O'Neil

A Chinese Dissident Artist Is Taking Aim at Google for Censored Search Engine

Badiucao’s new exhibition compares Google's censored search engine for China, codenamed Dragonfly, to Donald Trump's wall.
Jamie Fullerton

The One Place in the US Google Earth Stopped Mapping

For eight years, Google Earth didn't update its satellite image of a military installation in Nevada. So we bought one ourselves.
Brendan Byrne
Dhruv Mehrotra
Sidewalk Labs

Why Does Google Want to Hand Its Smart City Data to a Third Party 'Civic Data Trust?'

Sidewalk Labs says nobody should own data collected from residents in Toronto's Quayside "smart city," but critics say the tech giant shouldn't be driving the conversation.
Jordan Pearson

The Pixel 3's Camera Proves Software Is the Only Smartphone Innovation That Matters

Google has discovered a secret weapon: it’s building devices that improve over time, and has skipped the diminishing returns of yearly hardware bumps.
Owen Williams

Warren Buffet Is the CEO of Bitcoin, According to Google

There is no Bitcoin company and no CEO, but Google is turning up incorrect results for the curious.
Jordan Pearson

Google+ Is Shutting Down After a Security Bug Exposed User Info

RIP to a social network that brought Google nothing but headaches.
Matthew Gault