Sidewalk Labs

Why Does Google Want to Hand Its Smart City Data to a Third Party 'Civic Data Trust?'

Sidewalk Labs says nobody should own data collected from residents in Toronto's Quayside "smart city," but critics say the tech giant shouldn't be driving the conversation.
Jordan Pearson
4 days ago

The Pixel 3's Camera Proves Software Is the Only Smartphone Innovation That Matters

Google has discovered a secret weapon: it’s building devices that improve over time, and has skipped the diminishing returns of yearly hardware bumps.
Owen Williams

Warren Buffet Is the CEO of Bitcoin, According to Google

There is no Bitcoin company and no CEO, but Google is turning up incorrect results for the curious.
Jordan Pearson

Google+ Is Shutting Down After a Security Bug Exposed User Info

RIP to a social network that brought Google nothing but headaches.
Matthew Gault
Sidewalk Labs

Toronto Advisor Resigns Over Data Concerns with Google's Smart City Project

Sidewalk Lab's plan to redevelop a 12-acre swath of Toronto has been beset by concerns over surveillance and data handling.
Jordan Pearson

There's No Longer Any Excuse For Not Using a Password Manager

Autofill passwords on Android and iOS 12 means that "I'm lazy" is no longer an excuse for not using LastPass or 1Password.
Jason Koebler

Google Chrome Made a Small UI Tweak, and People Are Freaking Out

A new feature on the latest version of the Chrome browser led some security and privacy experts to think Google is now secretly logging users into Chrome to surreptitiously track their browsing habits.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Internet Insecurity

Google Notifies People Targeted by Secret FBI Investigation

Dozens of people reported receiving an email from Google revealing a potential FBI investigation into people who purchased malware.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Experts Call for Transparency Around Google’s Chinese-Made Security Keys

Google's Titan Security Keys, used to lock down accounts, are produced in China. Several experts want more answers on that supply chain process, for fears of tampering or security issues.
Joseph Cox

Google Blames Users For Renaming Senate Office Building After John McCain

The Russell Senate Office Building appeared as the McCain Senate Office Building on Google Maps Wednesday.
Kaleigh Rogers
Digital Politics

How Facebook and Google Win By Embedding in Political Campaigns

A new report from the Campaign for Accountability details the questionable role of internet platforms in election races.
Sarah Emerson

Google Hacker Asks Tim Cook to Donate $2.45 Million In Unpaid iPhone Bug Bounties

A Google security researcher says that he's found 30 vulnerabilities in iOS that have made Apple's software more secure—and he wants the company to pay up.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai