Get Out

The Scariest Part of the Winchester Mansion Has Nothing to Do with Ghosts

The labyrinthine Victorian mansion, built with money from a vast firearms fortune, is a perfect metaphor for America’s singular obsession with guns.
Becky Ferreira
Science Solved It

Scientists Can’t Fully Explain These Strange Floating Lights in Texas

Researchers have been able to decipher half the mystery of the Marfa lights, but some things are still unexplained.
Kaleigh Rogers
Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go Inspired This App for Hunting Hong Kong’s Haunted Apartments

A tech startup that hustles haunted apartments to local millennials and expats is moving its service into augmented reality.
Justin Heifetz​​

This Hong Kong Tech Startup Is Hustling Haunted Apartments to Millennial Expats capitalizes on the Chinese cultural fear of living in haunted spaces. And business is booming.
Justin Heifetz​​
You'll Sleep When You're Dead

The Graveyard Shift: the Psychic Who Can't Sleep Because of Ghosts

The Graveyard Shift is a series chronicling how professionals with some of the strangest hours get their rest.
Kari Paul

Real-Life Paranormal Experiences Are Nothing Like the Movies

They're much more subtle.
Katelan Foisy
All in Your Head

Oliver Sacks on the Kind of Hallucination He Would Have Liked to Have

Oliver Sacks spoke to Motherboard in 2012 about monsters, aliens, devils, and other creepy hallucinations.
All in Your Head

Haunted House Owners Were Once Legally Barred from Arguing Ghosts Aren't Real

Have you heard of Stambovsky v. Ackley, the case where a court ruled that a house was haunted “as a matter of law”?
Sarah Jeong
All in Your Head

Inside the Studio of a Halloween Sound Effects Artist

The Halloween sound effect album is a staple of the holiday almost as inextricably linked as trick-or-treating.
Eric Grundhauser

Is the Vice Office Haunted? We Used a Spirit Box to Find Out

The frequency-sweeping device has overwhelmingly positive ratings on Amazon but failed to pick up any spirits this time around.
Kari Paul
All in Your Head

The Skeptical Psychic

The magician Nicholas Wallace hosts a live show about séances, but doesn't believe in ghosts—and he doesn't think you should, either.
Zack Kotzer
All in Your Head

Surfing the Spirit Web With Internet Ouija

Like an AskJeeves for ghosts, WebOuija is the only internet ouija board that legitimately creeps me out.
Peter Counter