Video Games

'Return of the Obra Dinn' Is a Beautiful Murder Mystery by the Creator of 'Papers, Please'

When a ghost ship washes up on England’s shore, it’s your job to figure out what happened to the 60 souls who died on it.
Matthew Gault
15 hours ago

Google's Video Game Streaming Service Passes the Starbucks Test

There were some hiccups, but playing the latest ‘Assassin’s Creed’ on an old Chromebook worked way better than I expected.
Matthew Gault
21 hours ago
The Stanley Parable

The Only Way to Get This Video Game Achievement Is to Not Play It for 5 Years

A special achievement in ‘The Stanley Parable’ has lain dormant for five years, just waiting for players to finally earn it.
Matthew Gault
2 days ago

Sony Fixed a Bug That Allowed Players to Crash PlayStations by Sending Them Messages

The PlayStation unicode glitch is a new spin on an old prank.
Matthew Gault
3 days ago

Sega Finally Gets the Retro Console Treatment It Deserves

Analogue, the company that has rethought Nintendo’s retro home consoles for the modern day, is taking on much of Sega’s back library with the just-announced Mega Sg.
Ernie Smith
3 days ago

Nuclear War Experts Are Horrified by ‘Fallout 76’

With the threat of nuclear Armageddon looming, three nuclear war experts think Fallout 76’s new 'nuke loop' goes too far.
Matthew Gault
3 days ago

Classic Video Game Remakes Should Have Easy Modes

Nintendo released an easy-mode version of ‘Legend of Zelda.' Every game should have it.
Matthew Gault
duck and cover

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Jokes About Nuclear War in ‘Fallout 76’

‘Fallout 76’ trivializes and mocks nuclear war, and honestly, that’s what I need right now.
Matthew Gault

I Played Three Hours of ‘Fallout 76’ and I Can’t Stop Thinking About Its Story

Bethesda’s new game isn’t quite Fallout 5, but it’s pretty damn close.
Matthew Gault

Here's a List of ROM and Cheat Sites the Video Game Industry Hates Most

The ESA’s latest complaint shows a profound misunderstanding of copyright and its own failure to better serve its consumers.
Karl Bode

Pirated Copies of ‘Super Mario Party’ Leak Online Two Days Before its Release

Nintendo continues to have a piracy problem with the Switch.
Jason Koebler
Video Games

Microsoft Quietly Piloted a Conservative Political Ad on Xbox

Microsoft says it sought input from players and decided to remove the ad for conservative Canadian politician Doug Ford that appeared on the Xbox dashboard in June.
Jordan Pearson