Build Your Own Emoji to Discover Uncharted Big Moods

A new web widget by Philipp Antoni puts the power of emoji expression in your hands.
Samantha Cole
3 days ago

Space Invaders But the Invaders Evolve Like Bacteria

Only the fittest attackers survive in this simple shooting game.
Samantha Cole

This Algorithm Makes Its Own Video Games

The program watches hours of humans playing classic video games and "learns" their key features in order to generate new games.
Matthew Gault

This Game Lets You Yell ‘Enhance!’ at Your Screen Like a Cheesy Crime Drama Trope

Developer Nicole He made ENHANCE.COMPUTER to riff off an old, ridiculous movie and TV cliché.
Samantha Cole
Solve the Internet

Solve the Internet Crossword Puzzle: July 12, 2018

Solve the Internet goes browsing where it shouldn't.
Caleb Madison

This Researcher Studied How Sex Workers Are Portrayed in Video Games

Bonnie Ruberg examined how sex workers are treated and programmed to behave in games like Grand Theft Auto V and Fallout: New Vegas.
Samantha Cole
Video Games

Game Developers Dump 'Redshell' Tracking Program After Privacy Backlash

Developers of games like Total War and Civilization are apologizing and removing the software from their games.
Ian Birnbaum
Strange Loops

Watch This Hacked NES 'Reverse Emulate' Super Nintendo Games

The hacker who pulled it off says it could be a preview of what it’ll look like if we start adding new capabilities to the human brain.
Jon Christian
ruh roh

Walmart Says 'Glitch' Caused Apparent E3-Spoiling Leak, Titles Are 'Speculative'

Walmart Canada's apparent leak included Rage 2, Splinter Cell, Borderlands 3, and more.
Jordan Pearson
Board Games

These People Are Selling the CIA's Internal Board Game to the Public

The plans for an internal CIA training game were released to the public last month—now it's becoming real and getting Kickstarted.
Michael Gaynor

Breed the ‘Perfect Dog’ In This Satirical Game About Eugenics

The dog park is in peril, in Paolo Pedercini’s game Dogness
Samantha Cole
Red Planet

‘Surviving Mars’ Taught Me I Would Not Survive on Mars

The new city-building strategy game lets you colonize Mars with “minimal casualties.”
Becky Ferreira