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Why Social Housing Units in Cities Will Be Hard Hit by Climate Change

As the planet gets hotter, many of us will sweat through record temperatures in buildings that aren’t designed to cool down. New technologies will help.
Paul Tadich
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How Staten Island is Turning a Massive Pile of Garbage into a Park

What was once the biggest landfill in the world is on track to become a park three times the size of Central Park.
Clara Mokri
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3D Printing Will Make the Construction Industry More Sustainable

It could help with housing affordability, too.
David Silverberg
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This Is the Longest Floating Bridge in the World

If you need to know how to make a 230,000-ton ribbon of concrete float on one of the deepest lakes of the Northwest, ask the engineers of the Evergreen Point Bridge.
Aidan Johnston

The Roads of the Future Will Charge Your Car, Keep You from Crashing

Electric cars seem like the perfect solution to reducing smog and our dependence on oil, except for one thing: Batteries just aren't all that great.
Lara Heintz
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The Global Elite Are Sleeping Inside a Golden Egg in the Swiss Alps

And not just metaphorically, either.
Motherboard Blog

The Twelve Mile High Tower Is on "Pause" Thanks to the Jet Stream

A top sci-fi writer and a respected engineer's effort to build the world's largest structure has hit a 310 mile per hour snag.
Brian Merchant
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The Mood of the Chinese Internet Lights Up the Facade of Beijing's Water Cube

It's not often that ancient Chinese texts about divining the future and social media meet.
Kevin Holmes
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This Plot To Turn Penn Station Into a Futuristic "City Within a City" Gets It Right

The designers behind the High Line want to turn New York's train dungeon into an urban sponge.
Kevin Holmes
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Toyo Ito's Biggest Building: A Stadium That's Secretly a Solar Power Plant

2013 Pritzker Prize winner Toyo Ito began his career with luminous and transparent houses in his native Japan. But a sports stadium put him on the map.

How to Blow Up a Museum: Diller Scofidio + Renfro's Bubble-techture

For the Hirshhorn, Diller Scofidio + Renfro created what may be their most unusual project to date—a 154 ft tall inflatable structure that balloons over the Hirshhorn’s open courtyard.
Julia Kaganskiy

FutureStructures: The Lowline

Set in an abandoned trolley terminal in the New York City subway, the high-tech Delancey Underground could be the world's first underground park.
Erin Lee Carr