Yellow vests

The Paris ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Show the Flaws of Capitalism

The French Yellow Vests protests, which were ignited by a fuel tax, highlight the fact that climate policies ignore the material concerns of the working class and people of color
Caroline Haskins

A French Speaker Company Just Set Up Shop in a 19th Century Opera House

Devialet's most popular speaker is aptly called the Phantom.
Susannah Edelbaum

Netflix France Had Narcos Actors Say ‘There Are Bullets’ for People Who Pirate the Show

The streaming service produced a not-so-funny video for French audiences.
Louise Matsakis
Airbrushing Reality

France Is Fighting Photoshopped Fashion. Sort Of.

Companies face high fines for not properly labeling photos of models that were altered with Photoshop.
Meaghan Beatley
Fight Over Bullfighting

A CGI Dinosaur Is the Star in a French Anti-Bullfighting Campaign

The campaign comes just a few days before the second round of the French presidential election.
Meaghan Beatley
Internet Insecurity

This Is the Evidence Linking Russian Hackers to the French Election

As France braces for the second round of its election, security researchers try to figure out if Russia was really behind the alleged hacking attempts against frontrunner Emmanuel Macron.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Internet Insecurity

Russian Hackers ‘Fancy Bear’ Targeted French Presidential Candidate Macron

The hacking group who attacked the DNC and was behind the Podesta leaks also went after France’s Presidential frontrunner.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

This Tiny Terminal Was France’s Version of AOL

A French telecom scheme to replace the phone book with a dumb terminal soon became the world’s first mainstream online network. Problem is, Minitel never really evolved past that point.
Ernie Smith
The Robots Are Coming

A French Presidential Candidate Wants to Tax Robots to Save Human Workers

French Socialist Party candidate Benoit Hamon believes a tax on robots can offset human workers' lost wealth to automation.
Roisin Kiberd

This Bionic Nerf Gun Can Be Fired Without a Hand

Parisian maker collective Hackerloop has lots of Nerf battles. They wanted their friend with no hand to be able to join in the fun, so they built him a custom nonlethal weapon.
Grennan Milliken

France Becomes First Federal Postal Service to Use Drones to Deliver Mail

The experimental program will cover a nine mile route.
Madison Margolin

France’s Government-Backed Uber Replacement Should Thrill Uber

The government-backed 'Le.Taxi' isn't a real threat — yet.
Greg Sandoval