toilet paper

Americans Are Literally Flushing Canada’s Forests Down the Toilet

The United States rolls through more toilet paper per year than any other nation, according a report co-written by the NRDC.
Becky Ferreira

The Amazon Is Worth $8.2 Billion if It’s Left Standing, Study Shows

Keeping the rainforest in tact would preserve $8.2 billion of annual revenue in the economy, but Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro may be dazzled by short-term gains.
Kaleigh Rogers

The ‘Camera Trap Queen’ Who Shares Remote Wildlife With the World

Asia Murphy explores, studies, and photographs some of the wildest regions on Earth.
Becky Ferreira
Invasive species

This National Park in Patagonia Is Being Overrun With Invasive Canadian Trees

In North America, the lodgepole pine is facing historic die-offs. Southern Argentina has a different problem.
Scott Leitch
genetic sequencing

One of Earth's Largest Living Organisms Is About to Have Its Genome Sequenced

Scientists will sequence the genomes of the coast redwood and giant sequoia.
Kate Lunau
climate change

Forest-Killing Beetles Are Swarming North Because of Climate Change

The southern pine beetle has decimated forests in its native range. Now, warmer temperatures are ushering it into vast new territories.
Becky Ferreira
land rights

The Indian Government Is Displacing Indigenous People to Plant Trees

A misguided environmental law is threatening the lives of the people who have protected India's forests for centuries.
Gaurav Madan
Praying for Rain

Trump’s Pick for Ag Secretary Is Already Facing Criticism from Conservationists

As agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue would also oversee 193 million acres of national forests.
Kaleigh Rogers

Scientists Are Making Artificial Ice Storms

To better understand how they damage forests, and to prepare for a future of more extreme weather events.
Grennan Milliken

How Romania Is Using Satellites to Stop Loggers Leveling Its Fairytale Forests

The new system allows the public, journalists, and businesses to track the entire system and easily identify illegal activity.
Kaleigh Rogers

Inside the Forest That's Simulating Global Warming

Scientists are superheating this slice of land to see what will happen 100 years from now.
Madison Margolin

Prehistoric Trees Could ‘Future-Proof’ Forests Against Climate Change

A tiny island on Canada’s West coast is planting trees that thrived millions of years ago, when temperatures were much warmer than they are today. It could save their forests from climate change.
Daniel J. Pierce