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Ford Designed a Sweaty Robotic Ass to Test Car Seats

The latest version of the “Robutt” replicates a sweat-soaked ass.
Samantha Cole
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The Tradeoffs of Imbuing Self-Driving Cars With Human Morality

When cars drive themselves, will they take human notions of morality into their decision-making?
Curtis Silver

Car Makers Hedge Against the Future with Ridesharing Investments

Toyota, GM, and Ford must adjust to a future which on-demand rides are a big part of how people get around.
John Wenz
Motherboard Blog

Meet the Woman Behind the World's First Ever Compostable Tent

The world's first fully compostable tent could play a big part in reducing waste at music festivals.
Olivia Marks
Motherboard Blog

​How a Car is Changing the Face of Medical Care in Rural India

In hard to reach areas, a feature laden vehicle can mean the difference between life and death.
Olivia Marks
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Ford and IBM Are Working on an App That Will Track Open Parking Spots

Parking Spotter is just one of Ford’s joint projects with IBM.
Rachel Pick

Autonomous Cars Can Now Drive on Snow-Covered Streets

Good news for Canadians.
Jordan Pearson
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Ford Pumps $1.8 Billion Into China to Sell Cars to the Smartphone Generation

The American car company is emphasizing in-car connectivity to appeal to the next generation of drivers.
Nicholas Deleon
Motherboard Blog

Why Ford and GM Think Your Car Needs 10 Speeds

As federal fuel mileage standards increase and consumers still demand a whole lot of power to match their rising MPG numbers, the gear count marches on.
Derek Mead